Friday, September 02, 2011

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, 3 Sept

Cliff Nobles and co - The horse
Peoples choice - I likes to do it
Jimmy Soul Clark - I'll be your winner
Memphis sounds - Do your thing
Bob Brady and the con chords - Evrybody's going to the love-in
The servicemen - Are you angry
Clarence Thompson - Express yourself
Larry Ellis and black hammer - Do your funky thing
Elite1 - Funky cookie
DL Jones and DJ 2nd Nature - Cokane
Kormac - Harry's record machine
Hackney colliery band - No diggity
The Clash and Futura 2000 - Escapades of Dutura 2000
Konk - Soka loka moki
JMX feat Tikiman - Tikisong - Osunlade remix
Three generations walking - Midnight bustling
Rob Symeonn - Chosen one - Zeb's steppers remix
Leory Smart - Ballistic affair
Funk fusion band - Can you feel it
Ikebe shakedown - Refuge
Orquestra Maravilla de Florida - Baila guiro son wambari
Charles Wright and Watts 103rd st rhythm band - Jam#2

Trinity rerooted

Trinity Roots play Auckland this evening, as part of their ongoing reunion shows. The weird thing is, it's not really Trinity Roots. Not the original lineup, anyways...

The band decided to call it a day back in 2005, just as their popularity was at its height. Many fans were very disappointed by this.

"We split up for a good reason and it was basically after being in Trinity for five or six years, we all felt that we needed to explore other musical genres and Trinity was becoming some sort of machine. If you get to a certain level, there is a momentum that takes over. And you feel like you're not in control anymore and it is a bit unnerving," Warren Maxwell said, in 2010 (NZPA).

Speculation at the time was that they had spilt due to personal differences. The band reformed last year, with the original lineup, talking up possible new recordings and live shows. They performed in NZ and also Australia.

In late July 2011, however, the band quietly announced that original drummer Riki Gooch was departing...

From the band's official site: "It is with much sadness that we announce Riki Gooch has decided to move on and will no longer be beating drums in TrinityRoots. 

We thank him deeply for all that he has contributed to the band – we all know he’s an incredible musician and we wish him all the best for the future. ‘You leave big shoes to fill bro…’

TrinityRoots will however carry on, as will all our confirmed future shows – watch this space for further announcements."

That press release is a rather impressive piece of diplomacy. It says a lot without really saying anything. Whoever wrote it should get a job at the UN working for Helen Clark. The weird part is there is no explanation of why Gooch is leaving.

I have heard their new drummer is Jean Pompey. She also plays in Olmecha Supreme, and Mara and the Bushkas. Check her out tonight at The Powerstation.

8pm - Dubhead, 9pm - Tyra Hammond and the Bluebirds, 9.50pm - Dubhead, 1020pm - Trinity Roots.

ADDED Saturday Sept 3 - heard a few reports on last night's gig, apparently their new drummer ripped it up, and not only can she drum, she can also sing. That would add a cool dimension to Trinity Roots sound -they have of course toured in the past with a guest female vocalist, such as Hollie Smith. Heard that Pompey sang Dawn Penn's No No No from behind the drumkit. They are also using Mark Vanilau on keys live, and he's got a great voice too.

AK whiteout continues

Via Cut Collective..."More buffing over art without permission? Our friend who lives around Dominion Rd has been seeing the whitening of Dom Rd, badly painted, varying opacity white washing. This morning she saw they were setting up outside Liquid Cafe right over top of a piece by Elliot Francis Stewart, the cafe owners don’t know what’s going on… The people putting up the scaffold (apparently) don’t know what’s happening. So who does?"

UPDATE: Mayor Brown responded promptly via Twitter about an hour after I asked if he knew anything about this and was Council involved..."Art on Liquid cafe safe! Part of maintanance work being carried out by owner. Not Council work."  Thank you, Mr Mayor.Very relieved.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Vinyl is making a comeback! #255

The Economist ran a few stories recently on the music industry - one of which was picked up in last Friday's NZ Herald business section. That story was called Spotting The Pirates, and looked at illegal downloading and media investment.

The 2nd story, Back To Black, observed the usual rise is vinyl sales, rattling off the numbers and so on. This number is worth having a look at tho... "In Spain sales have risen from 16,000 in 2005 to 104,000 in 2010. That is an increase from a tiny base, but any rise in media sales in Spain’s ravaged market is noteworthy."

So, how is Spain's market ravaged? "Last year IDC, a research firm, found that 92% of 16- to 24-year-old internet users (and fully 70% of 45- to 55-year-olds) in Spain admitted to using peer-to-peer networks. Music sales have collapsed. In 2010 barely 10m CDs were sold in the country—down from 71m in 2001. Digital sales are puny, too. “You can have a number-one album in Spain with 3,000 sales,” notes David Kassler, who manages EMI’s operations in Europe." Source
The story also notes that the rise in vinyl started in the late 1990s with a surge of interest in dance vinyl from teens, but that crowd has now replaced that with laptops and memory sticks (this peculiar line of thought is commonly called "Blame Serato"). The latest vinyl wave, The Economist suggests, is driven by rock music.

"Chris Muratore of Nielsen, a research firm, says a little over half the top-selling vinyl albums in America this year have been releases by indie bands such as Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes. Last year’s bestselling new vinyl album was “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire. Most of the other records sold are reissues of classic albums. Those idiosyncratic baby-boomers who were persuaded to trade in their LPs for CDs 20 years ago are now being told to buy records once again."

The notion that you can tell baby boomers what to do is hilarious. Anyways...

"Many vinyl records come with codes for downloading the album from the internet, making them more convenient than CDs. And fans like having something large and heavy to hold in their hands. Some think that half the records sold are not actually played."

Some think that Elvis is still alive too. 

Brooklyn Vs Kingston: Macrodubplates vol 3

Go grab it now!

"Macro Dubplates Volume 3 – Brooklyn VS Kingston is available for download here. 11 tracks of the highest grade Reggae-Hip Hop mashup available for free.

Featuring; Jay-Z, Notorious Big, Old Dirty Bastard, Bob Marley, King Tubby, Beenie Man, Lee Perry, Buckshot, Lil Wayne, Eek A Mouse, The Congos, M.O.P., Busta Rhymes, Dawn Penn, Blackmoon, Remy Martin, Mos Def, MC Lyte, Masta Ace, Special Ed, Wayne Smith, U-Roy, Prince Jammy and the Beastie Boys.

This is Rocksteady-Rap at it’s finest.

You can preview tracks HERE and HERE.

Mailing list members are going to get a chance to win the entire Macro Dubplates collection on vinyl at the end of September. If you’re not already on the mailing list, sign up HERE.

In case you don’t know, Macro Dubplates is a mash-up series, produced by Chris Macro. Mashing up the best Dub Reggae versions, with classic hip hop vocals. 200,000 Downloads since 2009. Volumes 1 & 2 have passed into legend, and are now bootlegged on vinyl.

You can Download VOL1 HERE & VOL2 HERE. It’s highly recommended that you do.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scratch this

Scratch 22 remixes ‘Nobody’ from @Peace’s self-titled album, available here

Digging them bones

Some new local business outta Welli.... digging the last two tracks...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Making Tracks latest decisions

113 applications were received in this round, with each song put through its paces by a panel of seven industry types including Sarah Gandy (91ZM), Daniel Wrightson (Juice TV), James Meharry (RDU) Damian Vaughan (APRA), Andrew Tidball (Cheese On Toast), Scott Muir ( and Olly Harmer (The Lab).

Out of the 34 projects selected, 11 artists will receive up to $10,000 for recording a song and making a video and a further 23 artists will receive $6,000 to make a video.

The following artists and projects will receive up to $10,000 to record a song and make a video.

All The Colours/Love Like This
Derty Sesh/Wanna Be Alone
Justyn featuring Eiko/Blood Type B
Rackets/Karma Is A Drag
Ria/Will You Be The One
The Babysitters Circus/Everything’s Going To Be Alright
The Unfaithful Ways/Trouble
Tommy Ill/Birdbath
Villainy/The Answer
Without Conscious Thought featuring Zu/Burn The City

The following artists and projects will receive $6,000 to make a video.

1995/Love Your Ghost
At Peace/Home
Coast/The Dream Away
Crushington featuring Armanni Reign/Pushin’
Ed Musik/A Song Falls In The Woods
Fiord & Tim Richards/Another Day
Funkommunity/Pass It On
Glass Vaults/Gold Star
Joe Blossom/Neon Beaus
J Williams/Live It Up
Ladi6/Jazmine DL
Leno Lovecraft/Scandalous
Machete Justice/The Ballad Of Bubba J White
Midnight Youth/Who Said You’re Free
Module/The Pieces Fit
Mt Eden/Bang
Panther & The Zoo/Do Whatever
Ruby Frost/Porcupine
Saving Grace/Oaxaca
She’s So Rad/Circles
Tyson Tyler featuring Jae’O/My Life

Via NZ Musician...

Musical chairs

There has been a lot of musical chairs in music magazines here recently.

Rip It Up editor Phil Bell (DJ Sirvere) departed for the program director's role at MaiFM, and has been replaced by Leonie Hayden (ex editor, Groove Guide).

Sam Wicks, former Real Groove editor who replaced Hayden as Groove Guide editor before Tangible Media ditched the title, has landed a plum role editing a new magazine start-up for APN (NZ Herald, Listener) due to launch early September - it's called Volume. Groove Guide is now edited by its new owner, Grant Hislop.

Lydia Jenkin, assistant editor at NZ Musician, has replaced Jacqueline Smith at the NZ Herald's Timeout entertainment section. New assistant editor for NZ Musician is Ren Kirk.  Whew.

Freddys new ish

I had the pleasure of seeing Fat Freddys Drop play live last week, at Microsoft's Techfest party, part of its annual Tech.Ed conference. They played two sets and absolutely killed it. Haven't seen the bros for a while, and they went off, in spite of playing to a roomful of geeks wearing red superhero capes - which were the admission ticket to the event (and who got into it too, I might add). Hopepea and Slave donned red capes too (see above photo), for their second set.

Speaking Freddys, here's a free download of a new tune...

"Brand new instrumental 'Bohannon Dub'. Hails from the lab of DJ Fitchie who, unbeknown to the bros, hit record while they were jamming in the lead up to a recording session. The title is inspired by Daniel Best's Berlin soulclub 'Bohannon' that he named in honour of American disco stomp musician, bandleader & producer, Hamilton Bohannon. Check the video 'Jetlag Does Venice, Bohannon Dub' on"


Rapping to the beat

Current reading is The Big Payback: The history of the business of hiphop, by Dan Charnas - was reading about the first appearance of rap on mainstream tv in the US, after Rapture came out - a news item on 20/20. Produced by Danny Schecter, with input from Fab Five Freddy and Debbie Harry, it screened  in spring of 1981. And of course, I found it on YouTube. Love that... fave moment -  voiceover saying "even Madison avenue uses rap music to sell boomboxes..." accompanied by a tv ad for portable tape decks, with non-rap act  Earth Wind and Fire filmed carrying boomboxes...

New Kid Creole

Brand new album on the way from Kid Creole and the Coconuts, recorded at their Sweden HQ. Free Dl below, of a tune co-written by Andy Butler of Hercules & Love Affair.

"August Darnell aka Kid Creole flexes his singular gift for the juxtaposition of the weighty with the superficial . The track title and its strutting rhythm conjure images of a night on the town, but a closer listen to the lyrics reveals something closer to a separation, an agreement to disagree. I Wake Up Screaming, Creole's first new album in over a decade, comes out September 27th on Strut."

Kid Creole & The Coconuts- "We're Rockin' Out Tonight"
(DL: Mediafire)

Kid Creole & The Coconuts- We're Rockin' Out Tonight by Strut