Saturday, July 02, 2011

Beyond Cairo

Ye Mighty release their album Beyond Cairo on July 11 thru First Word Records. Free DL below as a taster. Fat City says "The debut release from Brighton duo Ye Mighty - Richard 'Dutch' Halligan and Max Wheeler (formerly of Dirty Diggers) - fusing ethio-jazz with hip hop breaks. For fans of Mulatu, The Heliocentrics, The Lions and more."

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM

Martin Brew - Sand steppin
Dennis Coffey - Ubiquitous - Steinski remix
Woima collective - Marz
Johnny Hammond Smith - Shifting gears
Manzel - Midnight theme - Dopebrother remix
Hackney coliery band - No diggity
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan - Stone cold dead in the market - Ticklah remix
Jackie Mittoo - Totally together
Junior Reid - Boom-shack-a-lack 12" mix
Resonators - Gold getter
Konshens - She love money (Billie Jean riddim)
Sizzla - Police oppression (Billie Jean riddim)
Damian Marley - Move
Bad brains - Return to heaven
Konk - Soka loka moki
Mr Chop - T.R.O.Y.
Quantic - Mas pan - DJ Day remix
The Echocentrics - Dudar
Isaac Hayes - Zeke the freak - Todd Terje rekut
Chico Mann - Anima
Midnight movers unltd - Follow the wind - Mr K edit
Hawk - Don't judge a book by its cover
West coast revival - My mind is at ease
Jean Knight - Do me
Aural exciters - Spooks in space
Ras Stone meets the Dub Terminator - Love you so much
Tenor Saw and Buju Banton - Ring the alarm quick
Ragga Twins - Shine eye

Friday, July 01, 2011

New Ermehn

I'm working on some more posts on the Deepgrooves label, following up the series I did at the start of the year. In the mean time, check this preview of the new album on the way from Ermehn, spotted over at Move The Crowd.

ERMEHN - "Trained To Kill" from KirkMTC on Vimeo.

Collision pt 2

Chris Bourke has posted more of the album by Maori funk outfit Collision. Tracks 4-5, and 6-9. Check it.

"Originally from New Zealand mill town Tokoroa, Maori funk band Collision emigrated to Australia in 1976 and got a gig at Les Girls in Sydney's King's Cross district. In 1978 they recorded their only album - Collision - for the Infinity label in Sydney"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meanwhile, in Hackney...

The Hackney Colliery Band drop their debut on Wahwah45s on July 4. Its big bold and brassy. Their covers of No Diggity and Africa (yes, that godawful Toto song) are wicked. Here's a free preview off the album...

"Formed in 2008 out of a desire to play music that appealed to the feet as much as to the ears, the Hackney Colliery Band (HCB) take influences including the Youngblood Brass Band and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and add their uniquely East London twist to the growing brass-band phenomenon."

Hollie and her electric hustle

Hollie Smith has been dropping hints via Twitter for the past month or two about her new album, written and recorded within a six week deadline. She's finally announced the details of the album, out August 1.

It's a  collaboration with Mara TK from Electric Wire Hustle, so you know the beats will be good. Spotted at Groove Guide.

"Band Of Brothers is a series of musical projects spearheaded by Hollie Smith which aims to experiment with different artists and aspects of production and collaboration. In Band Of Brothers, Vol: 1, Hollie has teamed with Mara TK from Electric Wire Hustle.

Hollie says “I have always been a huge fan of Electric Wire Hustle and after talking to Mara about helping me co-produce another idea, it developed and made more sense for us to establish a whole new project, which is what we did. We both wanted to do this before we both made our way offshore and made a 6 week deadline to write, record and finish it... we did it.”

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

London Calling, track by track

Saw this earlier today over at Dangerous Minds, it's extremely cool.

London Calling, the title track off the incredible album of the same name by The Clash. Love that album. Check out Topper's drums. Rock solid.

More Topper, BBC interview (2009) with him on the therapeutic qualities of drumming. He says one of his role models as a drummer was Keith Moon, and admits that probably not the best choice.

And here's Topper joining Mick Jones and Carbon Silicon, first time in 25 years those two have played together. Train in vain. Topper hits so freaking hard. Boom.


I was introduced to the magnificent funk of Collision a few years back by fellow BaseFM DJ Jubt Avery (of The Boil-up show). This clip came to my attention from Chris Bourke via his blog.

"Originally from New Zealand mill town Tokoroa, Maori funk band Collision emigrated to Australia in 1976 and got a gig at Les Girls in Sydney's King's Cross district. In 1978 they recorded their only album - Collision - for the Infinity label in Sydney.

The producer/engineer was Richard Batchens, house producer for Festival Records. Overlooking the production was Dalvanius Prime of 'Poi E' fame. Nick Bollinger's "100 Essential New Zealand Albums" (Awa Press, 2009) revived interest in the album; he says Lionel Richie encouraged the group to move to New York, but that was a step too far.

Collision were Harry Morgan (vocals, sax), Ali Morgan (vocals, guitar), Charley Hikuroa (vocals, bass), Colin Henry (vocals, drums), Philip Whitcher (all keyboards) and Mike Booth (vocals, trumpet).

These are the first three tracks of side one (the fourth and fifth tracks will by uploaded separately). 1. You Can Dance (A. Morgan); 2 You Give Me Love (Muggleton-Nobel); 3. Love Finds Its Own Way (J Weatherley)."

Monday, June 27, 2011

Len Lye Centre gets govt support

Green light for Len Lye Centre.
The Taranaki Daily News reports that on Saturday "... Arts Minister Chris Finlayson pledged $4 million over two years for the construction of the $10m centre. The cash is believed to be the last grant to come out of the Government's Regional Museums Policy fund, with the rest being diverted to the Christchurch city rebuild."

I love Len Lye. His work is incredible (whether in film, kinetic sculpture, painting, photography or writing), and he's one of the greatest artists this country has ever produced.

He left here in his early 20s, and spent most of his career in England and then the US, but maintained a lifelong interest in his homeland. He visited here for several exhibitions in the late 70s, including a show at the Govett Brewster Gallery, which he later bequeathed his works to. The Len Lye Foundation is based there and has an annual exhibition showing Lye's work.

Lye pioneered direct film making (painting/scratching directly onto film), see these examples... they give a you a general idea of what his work was like, though seeing these as projected films is really quite spectacular. He worked as a film maker for the GPO Film Unit (part of the British Post Office) and some of these were used as ads played in UK cinemas before a movie. Radical stuff, huh?

Digital surge

Sounds rude, dunnit?

Adele drives record surge in digital album sales From The Guardian.

10 million digital album sales at this point of the year - same time last year, only 7.1 m.

"... Four albums – from Adele, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Jessie J – have sold more than 100,000 digital copies this year, compared with just one at this stage last year from Florence + the Machine. A total of 13 have sold more than 50,000 copies, compared with seven last year."

Questlove on Dilla

P-Money mentioned something about J-Dilla on Twitter the other day ("dilla had swing... too many of these other cats are just bad drummers."), and it reminded me of this interview I read with Questlove Thompson from The Roots about Dilla, and how he'd program his beats as 128 bar loops. Most beatmakers stick to 8 or 16 bars.

A few folk were keen to see the story (from Modern Drummer magazine, 2005), so I dug out the magazine and scanned it. View the PDF here (via Google docs). Dilla reference is on the last page. Or click on the image below.

Blue smoke

Just to let you know that Chris Bourke's book "Blue Smoke" about New Zealand popular music (reviewed Elsewhere by Mr Reid) is a finalist in the general non-fiction category of the NZ Post book awards. There is also a “people’s choice” award: voters are eligible for a prize of $1000 worth of books.

See here to vote for him and his awesome book:

People's Choice Award 2011 - Booksellers New Zealand

He's currently 3% behind the leading book, and the last day to vote is July 8.

To be in to win the $1000, enter your name and contact details and then proceeed to the voting page. Booksellers NZ need your details so that if you win they can deliver your prize.

Vinyl is making a comeback! #252

This is a great headline... love it.

Vintage Vinyl hits Moose Jaw.
...“The sound quality is way better. You get more of a clear true sound,” Vintage Vinyl & Hemp Emporium manager Dylan Baumet [pictured below] told the Times-Herald on Wednesday..."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Final High Noon Tea playlist, KiwiFM

My last show on KiwiFM! Lotsa favourites old and new.

Tiki - Burning fire - Oogun remix
Fat Freddys Drop - Hope - Sonsine remix
Lord Echo - Thinking of you
Che Fu - Fade away
Sound foundation - Ram dancehall
Salmonella dub - Loop 7 - DLT remix
Suizen - Cartesian space - 4D mix
Unitone hifi - Sneeze off
Julien Dyne - Fallin down
Sola rosa - Humanised
Eru Dangerspiel - Coq au vin
Wild Bill Ricketts - Riki
International observer - London dub
Cornerstone roots - Forward dub
Kora - Politician - Paddy Free
Hallelujah Picassos -Rewind
Ras Stone meets dub terminator - Bad mind
Shogun orchestra - Falko
Scratch 22 - For walking faces
Lewis McCallum - Fly or die
DLT - Black panthers
Zuvuya - Heavyweights
Midnights - Outside - Dub Asylum remix
Otautahi allstars - Shot
The Yoots - E papa waiari

Buju Banton sentenced to 10 years in jail

Tough times for Buju Banton... full story here. Excerpt below...

"Grammy-winning reggae star Buju Banton this morning was ordered to serve 10 years and one month in federal prison for conviction of cocaine trafficking.

The sentence could have been longer – a minimum of 15 years – had U.S. District Judge James Moody not granted a defense motion to dismiss a firearm charge because the singer did not have a gun during the crime, and the judge said Banton could not have known another conspirator had the weapon.

Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, did not speak at his sentencing hearing. He blew a kiss to his supporters in the courtroom as he was being led away, and a woman said, "We love you, Buju!"

The wildly popular Jamaican singer released a statement, read by his attorney, David Oscar Markus, after the sentencing, thanking his fans for their support and pledging to move forward: "The days that lie ahead are filled with despair, but I have courage and grace and am hopeful. And that is sufficient to carry me through."

...Markus [Banton's lawyer] said with time already served – Banton has remained incarcerated since his conviction – and credit for good behavior, Banton should be released in about six years."

ADDED August 9, 2012: Buju Banton's appeal denied, sentence upheld. via Prefix mag.

The Carstairs - It Really Hurts Me Girl

I've just started reading The Record Players, the latest book from Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton. It's a cracking good read. In the interview with northern soul DJ Ian Levine, he tells a great story about one of his record buying trips to Miami. He heard a song on a radio station while he was there by the Carstairs, and he tracked down the radio station to find it, as no one had heard of this record. They told him it had been sent in as a demo from the record company, who had then lost their distributor, so the record had never been released.

When he got back to the UK, a record dealer he knew got in a shipment of 100,000 demo records from radio stations and Levine eventually found three copies of the Carstairs record in there. Levine says he first heard the record in 1973, and found those copies in 1974.

I looked the song up on Youtube, and found a clip Levine had posted, with this story... "Back in the day,when there was no internet, we could never locate the group, despite many attempts. In 1998, for the unique one-off Blackpool Mecca reunion, I was just determined to find them, and after four months of searching, I did.

"Twenty five years after they thought their single had never even been released, they were on stage at Blackpool Mecca, singing it on the Saturday night in front of over a thousand people, in the Highland Room which was only supposed to hold seven hundred. They were moved to tears, especially Cleveland Horne, and founder member Ervin Langley.

"Tragically, within two years, those two of them had passed away. But at least they got to stand just once in the limelight. It could never ever happen again, it was a one time moment in history, and because of the iconic nature of the record, this footage is priceless beyond belief."


BONUS: Listen to The Carstairs - It Really Hurts Me Girl - Tom Moulton mix (1979), over at Boogie Banger blog.