Saturday, June 11, 2011

Numero Group 'declined' invite to iCloud

Via LA Times...

"There have been lots of figures thrown around in the stories relating to Apple's iCloud service, yet none are sitting right with Chicago's famed reissue label the Numero Group .... Label co-founder Rob Sevier said Tuesday that as of now the company was not going to make its catalog available for iCloud's scan-and-match service, a concept the label cautioned as a "great risk" in a post on its site.

"What they are offering to do is analogous to the replacement of a counterfeit painting with an original painting," Sevier said in a follow-up email.

At issue is Apple's intention to this fall launch an online storage service dubbed iCloud. A free version will give a user 5 gigabytes of storage, and also house any songs or albums purchased via the iTunes store. Yet for an annual fee of $24.99, which Apple will split with record labels and publishers, Apple will host high-quality audio files of songs on its servers, saving customers the task of uploading each song individually.

The iCloud will not differentiate between purchased songs and those acquired via peer-to-peer networks, and Sevier said Numero is concerned about the long-term effects of such a service for the industry. For instance, one apprehension was that if the company made its catalog available to iCloud, then those who obtained the label's releases via file-sharing networks could upload them and potentially see them replaced with higher-quality versions..."


DJ Sirvere is one of the most respected DJs in the country. He's been in the music industry for years, working in record stores, record companies, radio, print, all over. Music is his passion, but sneakers are another. Specifically Jordans. About 5 years ago he got the idea to do a show exhibiting his collection, and that idea has finally come to fruition.

His show, A Jordan Journey with DJ Sirvere, is on this weekend in Auckland at 57 Tyler st, Britomart, finishing 5pm Sunday.  There's about 260 sneakers on display, including some rarities. It's an amazing show. These sneakers tell a story about Sirvere's life.

photo: Frank Liew/Hypebeast

There's a pair from 1992 (above), when Sirvere was working in a record store on Queen St (HMV - I remember seeing the Headless Chickens play in there once). One of his co-workers, Mikey Havoc, came to work one day and called Sirvere over to show off his new sneakers, that he'd got sent from the US. They were a pair of Jordans that Sirvere had been after for a while, and he was a little bit gutted (to put it mildly) that someone he knew had them before he did. Havoc wore them to work every day.

click on photo to enlarge and read the tale of Sirvere's sneaker battle with Mikey Havoc

photo: Frank Liew/Hypebeast

Then there's the Jordan golf shoes (above). Sirvere told me that he copped these when Gentry Humphrey, International Jordan Brand Director, was in Australia. Sirvere was over there working on a Nike event and had met Humphrey, who had these Jordan golf shoes with him. He'd played a round of golf while in Australia, and didn't want the hassle of having to clean the mud off them to take them thru Customs, so he left them behind and Sirvere got them. He told me there are only 5 pairs in existence.

Sirvere has got videos of Jordan's games playing down there too, going right back to his college days. It's mighty impressive.  He's even got a pair that have green stains on the sole, from when he used to wear them to mow the lawns, at his family home in Papakura.

Read Frank Liew (from sneaker store Qubic) writing in more detail on the exhibition here.


This mixtape jumps from Fela Kuti to Serge Gainsbourg. Wow. "Captain Planet & Murphy’s Law are back with another collection of raw, funky, pshychedelic, mind-melting tracks from around the world... from Brazil to Turkey to India to Nigeria..." Listen here (incl download link), or below...

International Thief Thief by Mixtape Riot

1. Sola – Tabu-Tabu
2. Ray Rivera – Sumptin’ Like Dat
3. Tim Maia – E Necessario
4. Baris Manco – Cit Cit Cedene
5. Fela Kuti – Colonial Mentality
6. Marcos Valle – Mentira
7. Mary McCreary – Singing The Blues
8. Los Mirlos – La Danza de los Mirlos
9. Catalino y su Combo – Tan Bella Y Presumida
10. Orquesta Riverside – En Casa Del Trompo No Bailes
11. Los Amaya – Caramelos
12. Mad Man Jaga – Hankuri
13. Las 4 Monedas Y Gregory – Trauma
14. Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Darkest Light
15. Yamasuki - Yama Yama
16. Serge Gainsbourg – Requiem Pour Un Con
17. Cortijo Y Su Bonche – Sorongo
18. Kamal Ahmed ft. Noor Jehan – I Am Very Sorry
19. Sapan Jagmohan – Meri Aakhon Mein (edit)
20. Sonny Okosuns – Dance Of The Elephants
21. Wganda Kenya – El Evangelio
22. Tortilla Factory – Cookin’
23. The Celebrant – Off Beats
24. Makonde – Manzara
25. Phirpo y sus Caribes – Y Esa Pava Que
26. Outro

Havana cultura

Gilles Peterson dropped the Havana Cultura comp a while back, he's been running a remix competition, here's some of the top entries... Read more about the winners here...

La Revolucion Del Cuerpo (Captain Planet Remix) by ChuckWild

Cultura Havana Giles Peterson - La Revolucion del Cuerpo (Pushin Wood reGroove) by Pushin Wood Soundsystem

Heres a couple of mashups from the overall winners Pushin Wood Soundsystem....

Afro Tip by Pushin Wood Soundsystem

If Fela Was Dangerous ft. Busta Rhymes by Pushin Wood Soundsystem

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM

Wajeed - Jeedo suave
Katalyst - Day into night
Clive Smith - Stepping forward
Pavlov and Mishkin - Mafia
Jackie Mittoo - Groovy spirit
Johnny Osbourne - Dance with you
Candy Mckenzie and the upsetters - Long enough
The Jamaicans - Baba boom time
Al Brown - Love and happiness
Big Youth - Jim screechy - Smith and Mighty remix
Conroy Smith - Dangerous
Cocoa T - Pirates anthem
Mr Vegas - Jack it up
Tiger - Ram dancehall
Foxy Brown - Baby can I hold you tonight
Ticklah - Si hecho palante
Mos dub - History town
Romanowski - Strudel strut
Chico Mann - Harmonia
Chancha via curcuito - Bussitpondem
Charles Bradley - Heart of gold
Colman bros - She who dares - lounge mix
Bonobo - Eyes down
Fredericks Brown - Betrayal
Scratch 22 - Shivani strut
Quantic - T.R.O.Y.
Kenny Dope - Get on down
The Koliphones - Jungle concerto (moog)
Stinky Jim - Triple agent

Friday, June 10, 2011

Broke-ass musos need help too

NZ Herald's media columnist John Drinnan has had another bash at arts funding. Unlike his previous efforts in his weekly Media column, this is written as a proper news story, so isn't riddled with delightful opinions such as means testing for the arts, an idea he picked up from Fran O'Sullivan.

In the article he picks apart the Creative NZ funding helping several NZ acts get to the Glastonbury music festival, such as King Kapisi, Bella Kololo, and Ladi6. He doesn't mention that several of the artists he refers to are currently based in Europe, trying to make a living from their art.

He also fails to mention that NZ bands attending Glastonbury under their own steam, like Phoenix Foundation and Electric Wire Hustle, are able to do so as they have record deals in the UK/Europe. God forbid we should export some interesting music.

"... Creative NZ spokeswoman Cath Cardiff said the return from its travel grants was enabling Kiwi acts to gain exposure. There might not be an immediate benefit but it enabled groups "to be more sustainable in the long term" ... But that was inevitable, given New Zealand's size, she said. There was no option but to export - and the pay-off was that it put NZ on a world stage. "

Drinnan: "The grants illustrate the array of taxpayer handouts for pop music from state agencies, even in tough times. "

We NEED music in tough times.

NZ Herald: "Taxpayers to help Kiwi stars shine at UK festival"

On U Sound rebounds

" Every Mistake Imaginable, that’s EMI. " Adrian Sherwood on his label's former distributor.

Spied this cool interview with legendary reggae producer and label boss Adrian Sherwood (On-U Sound label, producer of Dub Syndicate, Tackhead, African Head Charge, even Dave Dobbyn!).

The interview is over on,  and I found it via a blog worth checking called Skank Blog Bologna, which covers "a decade’s worth of reggae and dub tracks made by a bunch of punks (and post-punks if we’re gonna quibble over genres)." From Bad Brains to the Ruts to Jah Wobble.

The folk behind the blog are also working on releasing a compilation based round this theme, which should be a whole lotta fun. Hat tip to Craig M for the link.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Photo: Sonic Scoop/Jacob Blickenstaff

Found a couple of fascinating interviews with Gabe Roth of the Dapkings/Daptone Records. Well worth a read.

From Feb 2011, via The Afrobeat Blog. Roth talks about a lost project he started with Amayo from Antibalas ten years ago, which is finally seeing the light of day...

"When I had a studio in his basement at the Afro-Spot in Brooklyn where we recorded Dap-Dippin and Pure Cane Sugar and Talkatif and a lot of stuff I started recording with him the Fu Arkist-Ra record. We got through the rhythm section stuff, and we never really finished it and he got evicted and I got evicted and things went sour, not between us, but with the landlords.

"We always talked about getting back into it and re-recording, but I was always so busy with touring and he was trying to keep bands together ... he came to me and he wanted to record again, and I was out of town I didn't really have time, so I recommended him to Tommy Breneck to Dunham Studios to see if he was into it ... So Tommy said do you have some tape we can record on, so he said oh yea, we can record on this old blank tape, so the tape he brought on was the rhythm section tape we recorded ten years before. So Tommy put it on and was like wow, this shit is bangin, it's weird but it's been so long its been 10 years, but we forgot about that sound from that time. So Tommy brought in all the original guys, Stuart Bogie and Martin Perna, to do some overdubs, and I went in and mastered it the last time I was in New York ... Hopefully we'll put that out sometime soon."

The official Fu-Arkist-Ra site details upcoming live shows and info on classes for Amayo's own blend of Kung Fu, called Fu Rhythtm Fitness.
Fu-Arkist-Ra Myspace.

Other Gabe Roth IV, from November last year...
Daptone, Home grown: Gabe Roth’s cottage industry of soul, via Sonic Scoop

"... There’s a lot of hype about tube gear and tape machines and stuff, and even analog recording. As much as I tend to get lumped into that school I’m really not that dogmatic about it. If something sounds better or feels better on a computer, go ahead and use a computer!

We do a lot of blind A/B-ing in the studio. You need to do it blind in order to overcome so many biases that you have. If you spent $4,000 on some old microphone, then you really want it to sound good. But if you put it blind, up against an SM57, sometimes the SM57’s gonna win, but you’re never gonna know unless you do it blind. So, we do a lot of that, and we do end up using a lot of Radio Shack mics and common mics too.

It’s definitely interesting when you see a nerdy internet column about what kind of mics they were using on sessions for the Beatles or at Motown or something, because I think it’s really not all that useful. At the end of the day, if you wanna know how they made a John Lennon vocal sound amazing, the answer is that John Lennon was singing!"

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Dr Who?

Great ska/dub take on the Dr Who theme from this 8 piece band from Bristol. Also came out as an exclusive release for Record Store Day this year on 7", via Tru Thoughts. Two versions, one with wicked UK MC Tenor Fly on the mic. Buy it from Juno Download

Doctor Who (feat Tenor Fly) by Smerins Anti-Social Club

Doctor Who (Instrumental) by Smerins Anti-Social Club

Monday, June 06, 2011

Kaiser thief

UK band the Kaiser Chiefs quietly released a new album this week. They claimed they'd slipped it out to avoid leaks. It's also been reported the band  "...have come up with a brilliant new concept to release their latest album, which allows users to upload their own cover and even make money for themselves by becoming sales people for the band and earning £1 per album they sell via social media channels." (Source: TNW)

The only catch is that someone else had the idea before them. 

"According to the The Wall Street Journal story, Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs “hatched the scheme ‘over a drunken night in a fish and chips shop’ with a friend, Oli Beale, who works in the London office of Portland-based ad agency Wieden & Kennedy.”

As many people have pointed out in the last 24 hours, there’s more than a passing similarity between the supposed product of Wilson and Beale’s drunken chip-shop brainstorm and Chris Holmes’ The Privateer Manifesto, which was first published by The Daily Swarm earlier this year..."

And here's the kicker - the band admit that fans selling the album will make more money of it than they will.  Who knows, this idea may be something that both Holmes and the band arrived at independent of each other.

Radio Gaga

Couple of takes on the future of the album...

Gaga numbers indicate that albums are now secondary
Analysis from NY Times.

"A paradox of the new music industry: Albums sell less and less well every year, but as a marketing tool they are now more important than ever.

Gaga numbers prove the vitality of albums
Analysis from

"Maybe the album format isn't ready to die just yet. Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" sold 1.11 million units in its first week of release and has moved another 4.28 million digital tracks. It's the first album in 18 months to sell over one million units in a single week. These numbers suggest the old way of selling music-and perhaps not the album format itself - is what's dying in the record industry.

The pirates are coming

Rhys Darby as a pirate radio DJ in the movie The boat that rocked (aka Pirate radio)

Local comedian and Flight of the Conchords star Rhys Darby will front a new anti-piracy campaign, distributed online and via DVD to schools... see "Top comic joins piracy fracas", Dominion Post.

This promo video comes before the new copyright law comes into effect in September, which will allow rights holders "to force internet providers to pass on infringement notices to customers who they believe they have caught accessing pirated material."

"On the third warning, rights holders will be able to make internet providers pass the customer's details to the Copyright Tribunal, which will be able to impose fines."

Chief executive of the Federation Against Copyright Theft (NZFact) Tony Eaton said NZFact had been keen for Mr Darby to front its anti-piracy campaign to promote a "softer more relevant image" and because of his personality. "He says a few quirky jokes."

"InternetNZ said in its submission that it struggled to see why rights holders should be allowed to profit in cases where people pirated works that they had chosen not to sell in New Zealand but that they did sell overseas."

This is one of the key problems with rights holders choosing to prosecute their audience, instead of giving them access to what they want, when they want. Controlling your content by territory simply makes it impossible for people to access it.

For more on this, read Paul Brislens piece "How about giving people what they want?"

Let's hope the video doesn't end up looking like this...

Lykke Li vs the Shirelles

Gorgeous version. Spotted on Flavourpill's story 10 Crazy-Good Covers You’ve Probably Never Heard

RIP Martin Rushent

Via BBC: Music producer Martin Rushent, who worked with bands including the Human League and the Stranglers has died, aged 63. Rushent started as an engineer in the 1970s, working on records by T-Rex and Fleetwood Mac among others. He produced the Human League's hit album Dare, which contained the classic "Don't You Want Me?".

From a 1982 interview with Rushent... Hat tip to Nabeel for this...

"On a recent trip to New York City, I had an opportunity to interview the infamous Martin Rushent. Martin has produced countless bands (Human League, Altered Images, Yachts…) over the years, as well as being the Buzzcock’s primary producer. At present, he is working incredibly hard with launching Pete Shelley’s solo career, as well as his newly formed Genetic Records label. I found him to be honest, genuinely nice, and most of all, enthusiastic. I have no doubts that he’ll achieve all he sets out to do. Having long been my “idol,” I felt it time to get some personal remarks from him.

FFanzeen: How did you get into the field of producing?
Martin Rushent: Around 10 or 11 years old, I got my first record player. I used to listen to a lot of records; Buddy Holly – and I noticed that some records had an exciting edge to them, some sounded better than others. I think after that I began to pick up on names; Spector and the like. By 12 or so, I was in a school band and learning to work equipment… and I started to find it more interesting than actually performing. The result was my working toward becoming a producer in the end. Now, after all this time, I find myself drifting into a more artistic vein.

Read it in full here.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

High Noon Tea playlist, KiwiFM

Replays on Friday, 2-4pm NZT, listen online.

Illphonics - One of those days
International observer - Cellphone dub
50Hz - Skiddy dub
Jefferson Belt - Skylurking
The Yoots - E papa waiari
Projector - Principle dub
Sola rosa - Turn around - DJ Vadim
Dam native - Behold my kool style
Recloose - Why I otta
Tubbs - T's groove
Shogun orchestra - Jacmel
Open souls - Sweet love - Mabanua remix
Tehimana Kerr - Xit
Lord Echo - Thinking of you
Dub terminator meets Ras Stone - Bad mind
Black seeds - Slingshot - Truth remix
Salmonella dub - Problems - Sonsine remix
Lewis McCallum - The almanac
Jet jaguar - Octo test
Phase 5 - Mothman skank - Wasabi wakeup mix
Alphabethead - The crawling thing
Conray - 7th folding space
Eru Dangerspiel - Chilli moules
Julien Dyne - Steel legs 11