Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, April 2

Stevie Wonder - Masterblaster/Jammin - Radikal roots edit
Sound dimension - Drum song
Big Youth - Jim Screechy - Smith and Mighty remix
Scientist vs King Midas Sound - U dub pt 2
Invisible Spike - Spike's groove
Pepperpots - Real tru love
Charles Bradley - Golden rule
Wabine - Sail on
Atlantic Starr - Freak-a-ristic
Super cat - Dolly my baby - Bad Boy extended mix
The Meters - Look-a-py-py
Patti LaBelle - Most likely you go your way...
Sulata - Never
Mr Scruff - Get a move on
Lefties soul connection - Chop it
Fred Wesley and the JBs - You can Watergate but gimme some bucks and I'll be straight
Mr Chop - Shut em down
Souleance - La romance
Ohio players - Walt's first trip
Aloe Blacc - You make me smile
Sun Ra - Where pathways meet
Born Jamericans - Boom shak atak
Sizzla - Police oppression
Chalice riddim - version
Nando Fresh - High grade (Chalice riddim)
Joint force - AK2000

Friday, April 01, 2011

Real Groovy Welli closing

Following news that Real Groovy Christchurch wouldn't be reopening after the latest earthquake come the sad news that Real Groovy Wellington will be closing down May 31 (see

Owner Mark Thomas says its due to a decline in business caused by the economic recession, rising fuel prices, big chain retailers able to sell at cut prices, file sharing, and competition from online retailers and auctions sites.

"This has been an incredibly stressful and sad time for my family and myself, but it needs to be done," he said. 12 Staff will lose their jobs. although he hopes to open a smaller store and employ some of them there.

The Real Groovy stores in Christchurch and Welllingon were independently owned, following the collapse of the Real Groovy chain in 2008 when the stores were placed in recievership.

I am the operator

Kraftwerk live. From 1997. Via Dangerous Minds....

1. [00:00 05:56] “Numbers”
2. [05:56 03:39] “Computer World”
3. [09:35 07:53] “Radio Activity”
4. [17:28 09:41] “Trans-Europe Express”
5. [27:09 11:21] “Pocket Calculator”
6. [38:30 05:30] “The Robots”
7. [43:00 04:32] “The Robots II”

Kraftwerk - Live PA, Tribal Gathering, Luton, UK: Essential Mix - BBC Radio 1 1997-05-24 by +dB

No time for dreaming

Single off the brand new album No Time For Dreaming from Charles Bradley and the Menahan St Band, out now on Dunham/Daptone.

The whole album is searingly good soul. Go hunt it out.

Dunham Records was started by in 2005 by Thomas Brenneck, who plays in The Dapkings, behind Ms Sharon Jones. He also plays in the Menahan St Band, who put out the first single on Dunham, a tune called Make the road by walking.

It was sampled by Jay -Z ("Roc Boys") which enabled Brenneck to set up his own recording studio.

Herbs w Freddys

Heard a rumour this morning via Facebook, Fat Freddys Drop to collaborate with Herbs on some new recordings? Could be kinda cool. Anyone know any more about this?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Soviet funk

Because everyone needs some Russian rare groove, right? Hat tip to Bluevibestudio for the links.

Check out Soviet Groove blog and some Ukranian groove, below.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Real gone

Amplifier reports that Real Groovy Christchurch won't be reopening after the latest quake, sad news. They had moved to their current premises after the September quake.

"It is with great sadness that we announce that Real Groovy Christchurch will not be re-opening. The building - which we only moved to in October, following the September earthquake - is to be demolished and it is very unlikely that it will reopen. It is also unlikely that any of the stock or fittings will be able to be retrieved before the demolition - and, given the difficulty of finding vacant premises, we regret that we have no option but to close.

"It has been a rollercoaster ride since September 4th and, as we all put everything into the new store, we are devastated that it was all in vain. We give our heartfelt thanks to all those customers and supporters of the store, without whom we could not have recovered from the first setback. For those of you with outstanding vouchers and credit notes, we are working on ways of helping you and will make an announcement in due course."

ADDED I asked Ed Muzik in Chch on the status of the city's other record shops... "Penny Lane is open, at least the Sydenham store is. They have a branch in town which is within the cordon zone. Galaxy in cordon zone, as it Radar."

UPDATED: Real Groovy Christchurch owner Paul Huggins relocated the store to Wellington, opening a new shop in September 2011 as Rough Peel Music. Located at 140 Vivian St - read more about it on the Wellingtonista.


Found a few Deepgrooves videos, courtesy of Rob Mayes who has digitised, restored and posted them on Youtube. Rob has also been hard at work restoring and uploading videos from his label, Failsafe, including videos from YFC, Throw, Birdnest Roys, Cicada, Pop Mechanix, Malchicks and more. Failsafe channel here...

Here's Grace, and Sulata...

Beat rhythm

Beat Rhythm Fashion put out one of my favourite nz singles ever - Turn of the century. They only released three singles during their brief existence in the early 80s, but they are absolute gems.

Rob Mayes at Failsafe Records pulled together a great reissue of their output a few years back, plus managed to add some previously unreleased live recordings in the mix. He's also digitised some of their old videos too. Nice work!

Get Beat Rhythm Fashion - Bring real freedom CD from Failsafe, SmokeCDs, or Amplifier (CD/digital)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Vinyl is making a comeback #252

"She has a job, college plans, but also a peculiar passion for a16-year-old: She's a vinyl junkie. That's right, analog. And none of that hipster new stuff ..." Teenager Sarah McCarthy got given a stereo by her grandfather, after discovering a stash of old vinyl in his basement.

"This girl's in love with vinyl, and she's not the only member of Generation Digital with an ear for analog.

"My dad always had these old records in the garage and I never got to use them until just recently, when my uncle let me have his old record player," said 14-year-old Nick Spates, a Los Angeles eighth grader who plays guitar and piano.

What'd he find in his dad's two milk crates? A lot of George Clinton - "He's a genius. I swear," declared Nick..."

From "Vinyl makes a comeback, again." From Originally from Associated Press, it got picked up locally by Bay of Plenty Times with photo of Sarah, the teen vinyl fan. "Vinyl revival led by teens with old souls".

I've been tracking the vinyl revival story for a few years now (thanks to Google News alerts), it seems to come up somewhere in the world every two or three months. Until recently. This year, I see this story popping up two or three times a week. Something is up. And it aint just vinyl sales going up...


Hat tip to Stinky Jim for this, discovered Sonora via his excellent blog Stink Inc. Tunes galore! Straight outta San Antonio, Texas.Go get em...

Curro Fuentes - Santa Marta (sonora mix) by SONORA

Frente Cumbiero - Pitchito (sonora remix) by SONORA

Sonora - Ojos Verdes by SONORA

Kinky electric noise

Some mad cumbia bizznizz from Miami's K.E.N. Also go check out their remix of NZ's own Unitone Hifi, and the K.E.N. Soundcloud page. Both free downloads.

Kinky Electric Noise - Pimpin' Riddim ft. Vybz Kartel by Kinky Electric Noise

Sunday, March 27, 2011