Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, March 12

Freddie Kruger - Something good
King Tubby - Morpheus special - Kid loco dub mix
Loopless - Pink blue hotel
JMX feat Tikiman - Tikisong
Suizen - Cartesian space 4D mix
Manasseh - Tear down
Kabanjak - Dub to go - Ancient astronauts remix
Damian Marley and Nas - Nah mean - DJ Nu-Mark remix
Mos dub - History town
Revolutionaries - Beware - DJ Kentaro mix
Prince Jammy - BQE dub
Pappajim - I am a Robot
Disrupt - Robot version
Dawn Penn - No no no (you dont love me)
Seu Jorge and almaz - The model
Karl marx project - Osc
Oddissee - Viva Brasil
Bobby Valentin - use it before you lose it
Joe Bataan - Subway Joe
Original tropicana steel band - Spanish hustle - Kon 12" re-edit
Fulgeance - Tribute to Masekela
Gwen Guthrie - Getting hot
Johnny Hammond Smith - Fantasy
Manu Dibango - The panther
Dennis Coffey - All your goodies are gone
Hot 8 brass band - Sexual healing
Shogun orchestra - Cigars of the pharoah

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Need Coffey?

Get this in ya. House Shoes mixes Dennis Coffey's history Of funk....

Constellations - The A to Z of Dennis Coffey: A Mix By House Shoes by Strut

Check Out The Mix: download (mediafire) (soundcloud)

Constellations - The A to Z of Dennis Coffey: A Mix By House Shoes

1. Scorpio Intro- (feat Dennis Coffey, Jazzy Jeff, Jake One, and Q-Tip)
2. LL Cool J- Jinglin' Baby
3. Dennis Coffey- Main Theme (Black Belt Jones OST)
4. Dennis Coffey- 7th Galaxy*
5. Dennis Coffey- Ride Sally Ride
6. The Temptations- Cloud Nine
7. Rodriguez- Sugar Man
8. Marvin Gaye- I Want You
9. Dennis Coffey- Garden Of The Moon
10. The Spinners- It's A Shame
11. Dennis Coffey- Never Can Say Goodbye
12. Dennis Coffey- Whole Lotta Love
13. Diamond D- No Wonduh
14. Isley Brothers / Dennis Coffey & Lyman Woodward- It's Your Thing
15. The Floaters- Float On
16. The Dramatics- In The Rain
17. The Dramatics- Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
18. Dennis Coffey feat. Mick Collins (Dirtbombs) & Rachel Nagy (Detroit Cobras)- I Bet You*
19. Edwin Starr- Easin' In (Hell Up In Harlem) / Digable Planets (Nickle Bags)
20. The Temptations- I Can't Get Next To You
21. The Undisputed Truth- Smiling Faces Sometimes
22. Dennis Coffey feat. Mayer Hawthorne- All Your Goodies Are Gone*
23. Outro

* denotes material from the upcoming Dennis Coffey album, out April 25.

Askew on Poynton Tce mural

Messages via Twitter from Askew, one of the artists behind the Poynton Tce mural that Auckland Council painted over...

"Just an update. Poyten tce tenant and I let landlord know we just want to return things to how they were before, no council involvement...

Unfortunately the landlords have been convinced they need to let Rob Shields manage the wall despite the official council line.

Poynten Tce Update: If I want to redo it now I have to submit a design for selection alongside other artists Rob Shields has selected. WTF?

I painted and maintained that wall for 10 years free of charge with no complaint. Now the situation is being rectified but...for the landlords and not the artists. You see how Council are missing the point entirely? They don't understand or respect art.

If the landlords had paid for the last mural I could understand them being compensated but we are the ones that did it out of our own pocket."

So, it would appear that Mayor Len Brown has no control over his own staff.

Mayor Brown responded via Twitter "Council met with owner & tenant. We wont choose design - in the end it's up to owner what goes on their wall". So either Brown is getting misinformation from his staff, or he's being economical with the truth. 

ADDED  Friday 11 March. Askew has written about all of this on his blog. Go have a read. It's grim reading.

Essentially, this is a problem created by the Council.

They illegally painted out the mural,

they failed to explain why they thought the mural was to be painted out,

they failed to explain why an anti graffiti volunteer (not even a Council employee) was able to get this mural painted out,

they've failed to explain why their graffiti officer has got involved with the replacement mural,

and they've destroyed a successful working relationship Askew had built up over ten years with the owner/ tenants and with the neighbours.

Doesn't make Len Brown look good, does it?

Porirua to Detroit

New video from Isaac Aesili "With You In My Bed" featuring Aaradhna & Buff 1... from Porirua to Detroit...

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Rose Royce

This song popped up on my iPod today, I mentioned it on Twitter and someone sent me the link to this mad video. Lead singer with a chicken costume on her head.

Rose Royce - Wishing On A Star
Uploaded by coolfunk. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

Fat Freddys cancel Coachella appearance reports that Fat Freddys Drop have cancelled their Coachella appearance...

From Musicfeeds: "Fat Freddys Drop have just announced on their facebook page the band will not be able to play at Coachella this year. Due to the band being an independent and funding their own tours, the $60 thousand needed to get the FFD over to California to play was an amount too large for the band to sustain. "

Fat Freddys FB page currently  reads " We're very sad to announce that Freddy's will not be making the trip to Coachella.As an independent band that operates entirely within the confines of their own bank account, Fat Freddy's are unable to sustain the financial loss required to make this trip happen.... we're so sorry. We tried really hard.... We'll find a way to make it up to you. The disappointment is bitter for all of us." (The bold is from the FB page.)

I left a comment on Musicfeeds asking where the 60k figure came from - their response - "When the note first went up there was a figure quoting $60k, it has since been changed." [see above quote]

The Music Industry Commission provided Fat Freddys with some assistance via its Outward Sound programme, with a Stage Two grant, which is worth up to $30,000, according to their site. Keep in mind we're talking about 9 people on tour, with airfares, accomodation, food, transport... It still amazes me that Fat Freddys go to Europe each summer and don't end up broke.

I've emailed the Music Commission for more information on this, and if the grant has to be paid back if the proposed tour is cancelled. Will update.

UPDATE Wed 9th, 10.10am The Music Industry Commission's website says " Grants are funded on a dollar for dollar matched basis. Expenditure must be paid for in advance of reclaim. A portion of the grant will be with held until final reports have been submitted."

So the grant isn't paid out in advance. The band/artist has to front the money in full, then get the grant paid out on proof of expenses. More details here.

UPDATE Thurs 10th: Heard back from Alan Holt at Music Industry Commission...  He says "The way Outward Sound works is that grants are paid out after the specific costs of the activity have been paid by the successful grant applicant. We do not give the artist/label a lump sum before the activity takes place. Grants are made for specific costs and activities - if those costs are not incurred or the activities do not happen then the money remains with us."

One of the big hurdles facing Fat Freddys is building up an audience in the US so they can get bigger gigs and earn a better fee. They've been touring Europe for eight years now, and have built up a solid reputation as a live draw, which means they get decent fees, so they don't come home empty-handed. Starting from scratch in the US is a daunting prospect financially, I imagine.

Another big hurdle is getting work visas for the band and crew. Last year Fat Freddys made two visits to the US, on a one year visa. Now they have to apply for each tour, as the work visas have changed. This means each member of the touring party has to fly up to Auckland for an individual interview at the US Consulate. This new rule must be making it way more difficult for NZ bands to seriously consider breaking the US.

Mister Johnny Sagala!

Via Mr Rimoni TMD's blog. Johnny Sagala (Lost Tribe) with a song produced by Mark Tierney. according to DLT in the intro. Spot the late Phil Fuemana in the vid too singing the choruses.

Can on Top of the Pops

Experimental Kraut rockers Can on Top of the Pops. Out of it, bro.
Hat tip to Benny S for the vid.


The crew from Serato headed off from NZ to Los Angeles for NAMM trade show in January and stopped by to catch up with the Beat Junkies - Babu (Dilated Peoples), Rhettmatic and J-Rocc. This clip is pretty damn cool.

Fade to grey

Art colours our city, from the Aucklander, Jan 20, 2011.

excerpt: "Cleo Barnett is leading us to a small alley near K Rd, across from Beresford Square. Even though we parked just a few metres away from here moments ago, we didn't notice the graffiti then so we're surprised when we see it. The graffiti covers an entire wall and I stand for a couple of minutes trying to take in the whole frame.

Street art like this is all around Auckland, but Mayor Len Brown has now called for the eradication of graffiti. Cleo represents the opposition.

"I really love art and I love crazy artists, the art world, and creating."

At the bottom of the story Mayor Len Brown responds. Worth a read, in light of the Poynton Tce mess. Brown: "These are two very different issues. Graffiti vandalism is not the same as permission-based art. I am determined to take a hard line on graffiti vandalism. Graffiti-style murals, created with the permission of property owners is a very different story...."

Also from the Aucklander, another mural gets painted over. This mural had been regularly painted by artists for five years, and was painted over by Auckland City Council in August 2009. As soon as it got painted over, tagging appeared. The Auckland City Council staffer behind this was Rob Shields.

Readers of The Aucklander respond here, including the artists involved.  Some excerpts....

Paul Goldsmith of the Auckland City Council writes: "It's a bit odd to have self-appointed artists acting as if they have a God-given right to paint images - "artistic or otherwise'' - on public spaces and then getting upset if it gets painted over."

Several local residents wrote saying how much they liked the wall and the colour it bought to their neighbourhood.

"We had the same artists who painted the Parnell wall come and paint a mural on our local scout den as we had been plagued with taggers. We have not had any problems since. After seeing the results of the painting, other scout dens have used the same group with the same positive response. The kids and parents love the result."- S Carr.

The artists also wrote, saying "Whilst painting the new mural [after it got defaced, then painted out by Council in July], Auckland police officers also came to inspect the situation and understood the creative and artist merits of the work we were creating and gave us the all clear to continue the mural...

... Upon completion of the painting, we were graced with the presence of Mr Rob Shields, a former police officer and the Auckland City Council graffiti prevention officer.

Mr Shields threatened us with arrest and ordered us to leave the site immediately and deemed our artwork "glorified tagging" and "vandalism". Twenty four hours later our artwork was gone.

Our efforts to reason with Mr Shields, emphasising the love and appreciation we had received whilst painting the murals only resulted in a phone call from Mr Shields informing us that we were lucky to escape arrest and that our artwork had been ordered to be removed...."

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Free Riki

Riki Gooch (aka Eru Dangerspiel) just dropped some new tunes on Soundcloud, download and pay what you like (or free). Get in there.

Rap tales

If you follow Ice T on Twitter, you'll know about his debut documentary, The Art of Rap. Trailer just dropped. If you don't follow Ice T on Twitter, what is wrong with you? (Kidding)

"Set to drop in the fall, Ice T introduces a trailer to his documentary “The Art of Rap.”  He takes us to the roots of Rap and Hip Hop, showing footage from the Bronx, live freestyles, and some words from the masters of the game (to name a few: Grandmaster Caz, Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane, and DJ Premier.)" via Sedgwick and Cedar blog.


From Hiatus feat Linton Kwesi Johnson. "Single released April 11th, which is the 30th anniversary of the Brixton riots that levelled much of the town centre that both Linton and I call home."

This is the second single off the album Ghost Notes, from Iranian-English producer Hiatus - real name Cyrus Shahrad. Also includes remixes from Aaron Audio and Rebel Sonix.
(Hat tip to Nerdy Frames)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Snoop X Dam Funk

I read about this a few weeks back, finally found some mean video of it. Snoop Dogg drops in at HVW8 Gallery in Los Angeles, Dam Funk on the ones and twos, Snoop grabs a mic... check it...