Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Sat Feb 5

Beverly Rd allstars - Murder she wrote
Dubblestandart - Trerrorists and inhalers - Keith Le Blanc remix
King Everand - Kill old pan
The Congos - Bring the mackaback
Jackie Mittoo - Darker shade of black
Jojo Bennett - Canteloupe rock
Augustus Pablo - Song of the east
Lee Scratch Perry - Used to driver a tractor in Negrille
Dub Asylum - Ba ba boom!
20th Century Steel Band - Shaft
Ariya astrobeat arkestra - African kings
Acusmatic group - The fixer - Solo moderna remix
Lee Oskar - Haunted house
45nm - Biscuits
Black uhuru - African love
Yellowman - Them a mad over me
Dokkebi Q - Hardcore cherry bonbon
Definition of sound - Wear your love like heaven
Steinksi and the mass media -We'll be right back after this word
Nu Shooz - I can't wait (vocal/long Dutch mix)
The Jets - Crush on you - Extended version
Okyerema Asante - Sabi (get down)
Candido - Soul limbo
Shogun orchestra - Jacmel
Moody Boyz - Destination Africa - Spirit of freedom mix
Pharaoh Sanders - Africa

Friday, February 04, 2011

Futura x 12ozProphet Trailer

Futura x 12ozProphet Trailer from ALSO KNOWN AS on Vimeo.

Futura x 12ozProphet Feature from ALSO KNOWN AS on Vimeo.

Bonus - Futura 2000 and The Clash.

RIP Ike Metekingi (Maori Hi Five)


"Sad news today as Ike Metekingi, founder/leader of the Maori Hi Five (widely regarded as the first Maori Showband) passed away this morning at Whanganui Hospital.

As the lead guitarist in the Wellington based group - who came to prominence all the way back in 1955 - Ike helped pave the way for a generation of Maori rock'n'roll "showbands", crafting an act that incorporated comedy, country music, traditional Maori songs, and dance music of the era.

The tangi will be held at Putiki Marae, Whanganui on Friday 4th February."


Niceness from Pavlov and Mishkin, remixing reggae classic Mafia from Lloyd Parks. Free download too. Also from Soundcloud, some mean business from J Rocc and some local flavour from BaseFM's own Solly. Free DL's also. Go!

Lloyd Parks - Mafia (Palov & Mishkin remix) by Blend Mishkin

Tribute To Malcom McLaren by jrocc

Joyful Exaltation (J. Rocc Edit) Take 2 by jrocc

A Good high.(free download) by One funky soul.

Good things

"When I was a business consultant back in 2002, I attended a big quarterly meeting with the company where the new hires had to participate in talent show. I decided to sing "Mama Hold My Hand" to pay tribute to my managing executive who was absent from the event to attend his mother's funeral. The song really touched my colleagues and brought some of them to tears. A senior manager approached me and said, "Hey kid, you really should do something with that song. You might be in the wrong business." The next year, I was laid off, and I decided to try to make music my career."

Source: Aloe Blacc talks about his album Good Things track by track.

Aloe Blacc is back in NZ for some more shows following his recent sellout AKLD show which was a sensational night - Feb 16 in AKLD (note date change from earlier announcement) and Feb 17 in WGTN. Tickets available from Under The Radar. I know I've posted that clip before, but damn, it's just incredible. And who doesn't love their momma?

Thursday, February 03, 2011

New Dam Native video

Dam Native - Only you, video hit the Youtubes in mid December....

West coast dub

I've just finished a remix for local electronic artist NSU, who is putting together a remix collection of tunes off his Escape EP. Have a listen to a sneak preview... coming out in a few months or sooner...

West Coast Dub feat. Squeezer (Dub Asylum Remix) - snippet by nsu

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hey Bo Diddley

Awesome clip, awesome song. Legend! And check out the way his ladies move and groove.

First time I saw this clip was on a VHS release in the 90s, called the TNT/TAMI Show. Some of  that got reissued on DVD last year, sadly without this track.

Suzanne said

Spotted this over at the splendid Mysterex blog, (hat tip to Russell B for the link), Suzanne Said by The Shallows, feat Roy Montgomery, Mary Heney and M.S Agro.

From Mysterex: "A follow-up EP was mentioned in the insert (which also outlined the costs of making the single) but never appeared. Fans would have to wait until Dadamah and the solo singles of the 1990s to get their fill of Montgomery's reverbed guitar and doomy vocal. Trial By Separation, the flipside, is well worth a listen."

Also found a cool video of a tv news item labelled as"Flying Nun Records 10th Anniversary 1991" but I can't post it cos it comes with a crappy little message attached to it -"This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

Hey Warners, you don't own Flying Nun any more, remember? Please tell Youtube about that, aye? THANKS.