Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Sept 11

Steve Stanley - Binghi riddim - dub version
Noiseshasper - Only redeemer - G Corp remix
The Maytals - Night and day
Sweetie Irie - Slim body girl
Apeanaut - Fever
Chancha via curcuito - Rio arriba
Fink - Sort of revolution - Sideshow dub
Patea Maori Club - Poi e
House party - Dangerous love - dance mix
Hugh Masekela - Don't go lose it baby - Stretch mix
Foster Sylvers - Misdemeanor
James Brown - Feelin James - Danny Krivit edit
Quantic - Cumbia sobre el mar
Wganda Kenya - Pim pom
El Michels affair - Red rooster
Keith Mansfield - Crash course
Willie Bobo - Evil ways - Karriem Riggins remix
Magic circle express - Magic fever
Sharon Jones and the Dapkings - Better things to do
Joy Denalane - Changes
Ardijah - Which way is up
Eru Dangerspiel - Chilli moules
Oddisee - When everything changed
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Di da rog muka ja mahi - Pinch remix
RSD - Forward youth
LV - Turn away

Friday, September 10, 2010

Christchurch post-shake,rattle n roll

Spotted over at Amplifier's site, also Ed Muzik has a good roundup of how Chch music scene is doing post-earthquake.

"Its been a hectic few days around the Christchurch's venues with bands making alternative arrangements and several shows being cancelled.

Details are still coming in regarding damage but the following venues are closed or under repair:

The Bedford
The Wunderbar, Lyttelton
Harbourlight, Lyttelton
The Repertory Theatre
Goodbye Blue Monday
The Octagon.

The venues that seem to have survived are:

The Theatre Royal
Al's Bar
The Dux - update, closed tonight (wednesday) due to damge from after shocks
El Santo
The Loons
Town Hall (tbc)
AMI Stadium.

MAINZ classes have been suspended until Sept 20th.

The Uni of Canterbury is closed til 13th Sept.

The CSM and the Music Centre building have been given the all clear and re open for lessons as normal from Tuesday 7th Sept. There has been some minor damage to some parts of the roof and so pedestrian access is via the door off Ferry Road (through the gate). Also, there will be no car parking available on site until some rubble has been cleared away. CPIT is closed for a week.

For more on what venues have been damanged or remain unharmed check the Chart website

Direct links to exisitng stories:
CHART: music venues unharmed
CHART Music Venues Suffer Earthquake Damage
Ed Muzik blogpost: Music venues in the central city

Please note due to the continuing aftershocks this information could change quickly, if you're unsure of a shows status please contact the relevant venue and/or tune into your local radios stations such as RDU for updates and be safe."

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

DJ Mitsu The Beats at the Turnaround

The last Japanese guest at the Turnaround was DJ Kentaro, and he was incredible. Mitsu promises to be just as exciting, Don't miss it!

DJ Mitsu, with Taro "Wassupski" Kesen (Jazzy Sport), September 24 at The Bacco Room, Nelson St. w/ support from: Julien Dyne (LIVE) ft Riki Gooch & Parks; and the Turnaround crew - Manuel Bundy, Submariner, Cian.

"Mini & Tiger Translate proudly present alongside The Turnaround for the first time in New Zealand, acclaimed Japanese DJ, musician and producer DJ Mitsu The Beats.

Fresh from releasing his third solo album Universal Force (PlanetGroove) in Japan, DJ Mitsu The Beats hits Aotearoa on his first visit down under, following in the footsteps of countryman and label mate Grooveman Spot who tore up clubs in Auckland and Wellington exactly one year ago. Having made a name for himself internationally with productions and remixes under his own name and as producer for hyped Japanese hip-hop group GAGLE, Mitsu comes correct with a special blend of deep-dug soul, jazz and funk breaks, hip-hop and future beats.

Joining Mitsu for two exclusive tour dates in Auckland and Wellington will be Taro "Wassupski" Kesen, head of Tokyo's influential record store/label/movement Jazzy Sport. Local support comes from Julien Dyne playing live with Riki Gooch & Parks, plus your hosts as always - Manuel Bundy, Submariner & Cian.

Come check one of the dopest Japanese DJ/producers of the past decade...

Presale tickets $30+bf from Conch Records, 115a Ponsonby Rd, AK Ph 09 3601999. Check for audio and information.

My photo animation of Kentaro at The Turnaround, music from Kentaro's remix of Kunta Kinte, classic reggae tune.

Bed Intruder song

The NY Times has an interesting story on the Gregory Brothers a Brooklyn band who lifted a clip off a tv news item, autotuned it, andf turned it into a bonafide chart hit - From Viral Video to Billboard 100.

"The song’s source material could not have been more unlikely: A local TV news report from Huntsville, Ala., about an intruder who climbed into a woman’s bed and tried to assault her.

But with some clever editing and the use of software that can turn speech into singing, the Gregory Brothers ... transformed an animated and angry rant by the victim’s brother into something genuinely catchy.

The resulting track, “Bed Intruder Song,” has sold more than 91,000 copies on iTunes, and last week it was at No. 39 on the iTunes singles chart. Its video has been viewed more than 16 million times on YouTube.

Russ Crupnick, an analyst at NPD, said the song’s success pointed to a shift in how music is shared and discovered. Around 70 million Americans buy a CD each year, he said, which is on par with the number of people who are now listening to and finding new music on YouTube.

Some of the group’s online traction stems from the way they turn their songs into viral video franchises by posting the chords and lyrics and encouraging others to create their own versions of the songs, said Kenyatta Cheese, one of the creators of a Web video series called “Know Your Meme” that documents online phenomena.

“They made it more participatory, which increases the value of their original work,” Mr. Cheese said. “They embraced the remix culture and understood they have to contribute back in order to make it spread even further.”

The group's previous successes with videos include the Autotune the news series, and the double rainbow song (featured below, plus original)

Double rainbow- original

Double rainbow song

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

DMC visits Hollis, Queens

from The Wall Street Journals WalkAbout NY series, DMC giving a tour of his old Hollis neighbourhood... seriously cool vid.  Hat tip The Couch Sessions

Sha Rock autobiography

Sha Rock - autobiography of the 1st female hiphop MC...
You can buy The Story Of The Beginning and End Of The First Hip Hop Female MC...Luminary Icon by Sha-Rock of The Funky Four Plus One on Amazon. Hat tip to Diff Kitchen

YMO Tighten up

Yellow Magic Orchestra on Soul Train, doing Tighten up, the Archie Bell & the Drells tune. Check out the random dancing Japanese dude in suit. And the interview at the end is pretty funny. Hat tip to my fellow BaseFM DJ Nabeel for this. Killer.

Bonus - footage from YMO's first US gig, at the Greek Theatre, complete with cheesy MC's intro.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Rap map

Via Sedgwick and Cedar blog: "This new Google Maps-based web app called The Rap Map shows placemarks for major locations in Hip Hop. From Mos Def’s childhood home in Brooklyn to 2Pac’s Elementary school in Baltimore, the map is slowly expanding it’s reach as users suggest locations. The app was created by Rap Genius, a website dedicated to the history, meanings and stories rooted in Hip Hop lyrics."

Essential Mixes

From the BBC Essential Mixes show, archives going back to 1993. Search by genre, stream or download, plus full track listing. Carl Cox, Greg Wilson, Mr Scruff, Norman Jay, Freddy Fresh, Andrew Weatherall, Daft Punk, Danny Krivit... all sorts.... Check it out here.

John Morales

Just came across this cool blog called Nerdy Frames, go have a look. There's a great interview with local talent Zowie (hat tip to Trevor for the link).

They also have a very cool interview with New York DJ and producer John Morales, who had a  bunch of his edits reissued earlier this year on BBE (pictured above).

IV excerpt... "In 1975, being a DJ , I realized that I wanted to make some of the records I liked to play longer in time. It was then that I saved my money and bought my first reel-to-reel tape and cassette recorder, which I still have today. The first re-edits I did were using the pause button on the cassette.

"I learned to edit tape after many hours of trial and error. In so doing, I became an expert on how and where to cut the tape to create all the effects I wanted. After editing several records to make them longer, I realized that I could achieve the same effect by mixing parts from different records. Thus, the basis for the medley was born.

"And the place to go get the edits mixes pressed was Sunshine Sound at 1650 Broadway in NY. For the next few years this is where I met many NY DJ’s and also met Greg Carmichael & Patrick Adams who gave me my start in the studio."


Read Nerdy Frame's John Morales interview here. There's also a free download of Universal Robot Band’s “Barely Breaking Even (Club Version)” at the end of the IV too.

Good Records NYC

Photo: Sarah DuBoys/Wax Poetics

Jonny Sklute (alternatively known under the handle Jonny Paycheck), [is] owner, clerk, and CEO of Good Records NYC... A risk management broker turned record dealer, Sklute launched his storefront venture in 2005, right alongside the storied and busy market of East Village/Lower East Side record stores: A-1, the Sound Library, Gimme Gimme.

In keeping your inventory as sleek and clean as the store, where do all of these records that are near mint thirty years later come from?

Records are everywhere. They are the effects of previous lives and lifestyles, sometimes filed away without a thought or played heavily. Records are kept near mint because either the owner didn't care about them at all or cared about them a whole lot.

Read the interview in full at Wax Poetics. 

Soul train

Read an interview with Soul Train's Don Cornelius here, at LA Times.He talks about the release of the 9-DVD set The Best Of Soul Train.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Google Music by xmas

That's according to this report from Hypebot. "Google is in final stage talks with labels to open a download store and a cloud-based song locker that would allow mobile users to play songs wherever they are. Google hopes to open its new music service before Christmas. Some label executives believe that Google Music will become the first real competitor to iTunes."