Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dub Dub Dub

 Item one: Hugh Masekela - Dont go lose it baby (dub mix), wicked tune!

Item two: Kode9 and Spaceape covering Prince - Sign of the times...  slowed down and twisted outta shape - mad!

All about Theo

Theo Parrish has produced some incredible music-  here's a handful of his mighty fine re-edits. The Willie Hutch one is fantastic.

Willie Hutch - Slick (Theo Parrish edit) via American Athlete

Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes - The love I lost (Theo Parrish ugly edit) via Longo

The Dells  - Get on down (Theo Parrish edit)

Minnie Ripperton - Stick together (Theo Parrish edit)  

Sun Ra - Saga of resistance (Theo Parrish remix)

and one from Theo... Falling up  - Theo Parrish  (Carl Craig remix).


Ring The Alarm playlist, May22

Lee Fields -Honey Dove
Brentford allstars - Greedy G
Richie Phoe feat Tippa Irie - Eyes on the prize
Gregory Issacs - All I have is love
Revolutionaries - Kunta Kinte (DJ Kentaro remix)
Horace Andy - Ital vital (Different drummer soundsystem remix)
Dennis Bovell - None jah jah children (melodica version)
Born Jamericans  -Yardcore
Jahdan Blakkamore - She said
Aural exciters - Spooks in space
Patea Maori Club - Poi-e
King Sunny Ade - Synchro system
The last electro-acoustic space jazz and percussion ensemble - Mystic voyage (for Roy Ayers)
Chuck Womack and the sweet souls - Hamhocks and beans (Quantic remix)
The Simonsound - Tour de mars
Krafty kuts and Dr Luke - Come alive
Kion and Murda - No 1 sound feat Junior Murvin
Ruts DC - Whatever we do (RSD remix)
Pitch black - 100 mile drift (International observer remix)
Jorge Ben - Umbabarauma
Joy Denalane - Change
Celestial choir - Stand by the word
Majestik legend - In and out
Bill Withers - Harlem (Eamon Harkin edit)
Bonobo - The keeper
Original Tropicana steel band  - Spanish hustle (Kon 12" re-edit)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Flying Lotus live with a band

At his recent album launch in LA, Flying Lotus turned up with a full live band. Dude is making mad jazz. Hat tip to Potholes in my blog.

Free local beats

Check out Hip Drop, local beats from the likes of Truent, Mara TK, Alphabethead, and that killer remix of the Mint Chicks - Crazy yes, dumb no  by Scratch 22. Go have a listen.

oh, yeah and this: Yo La Tengo remixed by Pete Rock. Woah. Listen here, or here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


This Friday night from 5pm til late, check out a handful of AK's finest scribes retreating from their desks and taking to the turntables. Scott Kara, Liam Dann and Alan Perrott, - journalists at the esteemed NZ Herald - reveal their one true love, vinyl. Down in the Banquo Bar under the Shakespeare Tavern on Albert St. And it's free. Choice.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brewing up a storm part 2

Late today the guilty party appeared on my blog and posted the following comment...

"Hey all, Stinky Jim's Head Brewer here. Just to set the record straight, we've never brewed a batch of beer in our life. In fact I'm more of a whiskey chap in all honesty. Craft beer is going through a resurgence at the moment, and as a result, became the object of this whole thing.

"We never set out to offend or make money from something that wasn't ours. In fact, the name was chosen due to the fact that we thought it would be laughable to actually commercialise a beer with that name. The actual DJ Stinky Jim didn't even factor in the thinking until someone brought it up on Twitter (an unfortunate association, I will concede).

"This whole debacle began as an advertising interns experiment, nothing more, and a great deal has been taken from it by us, and I'm sure by anyone with an interest in social media."

I have no way of knowing if this is genuine or not. It's anonymous too. While I'm glad whoever did this owned up, the fact that they thought it "would be laughable to actually commercialise a beer with that name" shows they didn't bother to check the name on Google first. "The actual DJ Stinky Jim didn't even factor in the thinking until someone brought it up on Twitter (an unfortunate association, I will concede)" - again, two seconds on Google would have saved them from creating this mess.

So, they concede it was an unfortunate association. Now apologise to Stinky Jim. That's the decent thing to do. 

It's worth having a read of some of the other comments on the original post, very amusing.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stinky Jim Brewing up a storm

 Late yesterday I saw something odd pop up on Twitter  - a retweet of a new arrival on Twitter, called Stinky Jim's Brewing (@StinkyJimsBrew). It read "Here we are world! Watch this space, cause we're going to throw Hops at you, and although it will be slightly annoying, you'll love it."

Their Twitter bio reads as...

Stinky Jim is one of Auckland's most respected DJs, having treated listeners to his Stinky Grooves show on Radio 95BFM for about 20 years now, even educating a younger generation of BFM DJs as they came thru the ranks. Hes also the man behind Round Trip Mars Records (SJD, Naked and Famous, James Duncan) and makes music as part of Phase 5 and Unitone Hifi.

In short, he has built an impeccable reputation as purveyor of the best in stonkingly good tunes. His legendary radio show is a testament to that. I've had the pleasure of knowing Jim for nearly 20 years, having first crossed paths via BFM and Planet magazine  - he interviewed my band Hallelujah Picassos for Planet, it was a very mad interview. I've still got it somewhere.

The person who retweeted/reposted the above comment from Stinky Jims Brewing was Charlotte Ryan from 95BFM's Morning Glory show. She told me she had done so as she assumed that they had something to do with Stinky Jim. I emailed Jim to ask him. The answer was an emphatic no. Jim was very unhappy at having his name borrowed like this.

I tried to find out more today about what rights Jim had as far as protecting his name from this type of theft, via Twitter. One person pointed out to me that "That's not how trademarks work. Different industries can have the same marks. It's not theft, and it's not illegal." While it is morally wrong to take someone's name/brand, it may not be illegal to do so. I also had a lawyer offer to help out Jim for free, which was most kind.Twitter isn't just noise.

Someone then pointed out that their avatar using an image of rapper Savage was stolen too: "the Savage-cradling-kitten image was made by Tommy Ill - it looks like @StinkyJimBrew took that w/o asking".

Then, at approx 4.45pm this afternoon, Stinky Jim's Brewing posted these messages to Twitter...

"Alas, we have been found out. Stinky Jim's Brewing Co was a social media experiment to test the effectiveness of social media in creating..."
" ..a buzz for a new company. No money has changed hands, no one has profited from the use of a name or image. But we are impressed with the.."
"...tenacity with which you defended the use of the images/names. Happy Tweeting, Twits!"


This provoked a number of responses - mine was " wow, @StinkyJimBrew messed with someone's reputation for an experiment. Get the fuck outta here."
and then  "We got punked by @StinkyJimBrew - yeah nah. not funny."

Simon Grigg wrote to me via Tiwtter "is @StinkyJimBrew serious? That is dorkish behaviour at the most dorkish."
And Kirk Harding responded with "whoever is behind the @StinkyJimBrew prank/social experiment/bullshit is extremely idiotic. Cheap thrills?" 

Over the past two days, the Social Media Junction conference has been running in Auckland at Skycity Convention Centre. It may be possible that this experiment/prank/hoax is in some way connected with that conference - I hope not. As Andy Beal, one of the speakers said "Don't fake it; you get found out." 

Or it maybe right now some "social media expert" is working away in a cutting-edge ad agency or marketing company on a Power Point presentation on how to create a buzz for your company, with this stunning example of bullshit as his/her illustration of success.

The Twitter account for Stinky Jim's Brewing was deleted early this evening.

Someone out there knows who did this. Know anything? Hit me up via email. The address is at the top right of this blog. Thanks.

This image below is from Google cache, before they deleted the photo collage stolen from Tommy Ill, featuring Savage - it's hard to see, but Savage is on front of a kid on a swing, saying "let me see your kid swing".

Mophono back again

I've been hanging out for some new beats from Mophono, (aka San Francisco's DJ Centipede) after copping his mad, mad remix of that Axelrod jam The Edge a while back (the one Dr Dre sampled for Next Episode). He's giving away a promo mixtape called Thug Jazz Vol1 here,  in support of Mophono's Halftone Society's "Sinicism EP" out on 12" vinyl/digital on Bastard Jazz Recordings now. Mean.

Mixtape Riot has as tune off the ep for you over here, if you want a taster.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ben Howe on Flying Nun

Today's Blog on the Tracks blog features a guest post from Arch Hill Records boss Ben Howe. He talks about the evolution of the label, following the demise of Flying Nun as an active independent  label. He also touches on the controversy surrounding his involvement and his subsequent snubbing by Roger Shepherd over the revived Flying Nun (background on that proposed deal here)

Howe writes: "One disappointment of the last couple of years was Roger Shepherd in relation to the Flying Nun deal. A partial version of the story is here. It should be noted, however, that despite his saying in this article he would pay back money I invested in the project, this still hasn't happened.

However, the upside of the Flying Nun situation is it has given me the chance to rethink Arch Hill. For the last couple of years I have been running things assuming that I would be a partner in the new Flying Nun. It had been discussed that Arch Hill would become a more domestically focused label for more established artists like Don McGlashan, David Kilgour and others. Flying Nun could focus on reviving the back catalogue as well as emerging artists with international potential. It would be complementary.

This was by no means a fixed thing, but for the two years of Flying Nun negotiations I had been thinking along these lines.

So, more recently, it's been good to rethink that game plan. It means I can also start working with more "up and coming" bands like Surf City, Street Chant and Family Cactus..."