Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ring the alarm playlist, BaseFM - best of 2009 selections
Here's some of my favourite tunes of 2009, as featured on today's show.
I'm doing a bigger list with sound clips next week. Stay tuned!

Wajeed - Jeedo suave
Hypnotic brass ensemble - Balliki bone
Mulatu and the Heliocentrics - Cha cha
Chancha Via Circuito - Bussitpondem
Julian Marley feat Damian Jr Gong Marley - Violence in the streets
Beat pharmacy - Assassination of the mind (Teddy G remix)
DJ Vadim - Hidden treasure
Cooly G - Love dub
Unitone Hifi - Sneeze off
King midas sound - Cool out
Tiki - Burning fire (Oogun remix)
Mophono - The edge remix
Lee Fields - Love comes and goes
Mayer Hawthorne - The ills
Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens -What have you done my brother?
Quantic and his Combo Barbaro - I just fell in love again
Myron and E w Soul Investigators  - Cold game
Fulgence - Tribute to Masekela
VV Brown - Crying blood (Andrew Weatherall dub mix)
Andrew Weatherall - Fail we may, sail we must
Major Lazer  -Can't stop now
Donae'o - Riot music
Isaac Aesili - Use your mind
Staff Benda Billili - Staff Mosala
Breakestra -North east to Nippon
Lefties soul connection  - Have love, will travel
Dub Asylum - Ba ba boom (Oogun remix)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Askew X P-Money
Very cool collaboration from music producer P-Money and artist Askew.  Check it.

From P-Money's blog - "My friend, and incredibly talented graffiti writer, Askew asked me to get involved with this Killa Kombo video for Australian paint company Ironlak. With the concept being that the writer paints the producer's name and the producer provides the soundtrack.
So me and Askew teamed up. He went out and did a bunch of pieces using my name. And I made 3 beats to match the images. All the beats were made on Battery 3 and Logic Express using a Macbook and USB turntable while couch surfing at my mates place in London."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Conch Records best of 2009
Been busy working on my best of 09 list for my BaseFM radio show this Saturday, what a mission. Here's the best of 09 from the folks at Conch. (flogged sampled the pic idea from them too, he he)
Buju Banton arrested for attempting to buy 11 pounds of cocaine

The Joe My God blog notes that the recent arrest of Buju Banton has a number of reggae fans in Jamaica and the US claiming that his bust for attempting to buy eleven pounds of cocaine is payback from the gay community.
Miami Herald: "On Monday, in South Florida and Jamaica, callers burned up radio airwaves, calling the arrest a ``conspiracy'' to get him after his recent controversy that included protests by local gay-rights advocates over a Halloween concert in downtown Miami.
``They are convinced it's directly connected to the concert he had recently,'' said Winston Barnes, a Miramar city commissioner and host of a popular Jamaican talk show on WAVS (1170-AM). ``What they are saying is that he got off that time and they are fixing him now.''

Boom Bye Bye is viewed by gay-rights advocates as an anti-gay anthem because of its lyrics advocating shooting gays in the head and setting them on fire. It made and continues to make Buju Banton a target of protests by gays and lesbians who as recently as this month ratched up their protests against the artist after the Grammy announced his latest album, Rasta Got Soul, was nominated for Best Reggae Album."

Banton's possible sentence could be 20-30 years, or less if he cops a plea bargain.
Vinyl will kill the iPod.
"New York retailer J&R Music claims record sales for the 21 different analog and digital turntable models that it carries. Rachelle Friedman, the co-owner of J&R, said the store is selling more vinyl and turntables than it has in at least a decade, fueled largely by growing demand from members of the iPod generation..." Source: Sales of turntables increase along with vinyl. Shame that Ms Friedman uses the term 'ramping up'... hate that....

Here's an idea - if the vinyl revival really is being driven by the iPod generation, then is it a reaction to crappy sound quality of mp3s? I still have problems buying anything off iTunes, simply because their bitrate is low, and sounds like it too. This is why people still buy CDs - so they can rip them to MP3s at a better bitrate than iTunes. That's one of the reasons I still buy CDs.

I guess there's the tangible  element too - a record collection just looks better than an MP3 collection (which is like looking at a  hard drive - thrilling). It's like watching people when I show them my new Dub Asylum vinyl single - their eyes light up. It's exciting - who ever got excited about an MP3? Really?
Hiphop vs Drum n bass soundclash
"DJCXL represented Hip Hop in Base FM's Hip Hop vs Drum & Bass soundclash in early December '09 - this clip shows the journey from practicing the set (with MC Bling), to performing it live and performing it at a radio show two days later."
Much respect to CXL and MC Bling - mean, brothers, mean!

Benji B top picks from 09.
Just heard the mighty Chip Matthews and Mister Dylan C talking on BaseFM Breakfast earlier about well-respected UK DJ Benji B, and his end of year faves list which features a couple of locals, Julien Dyne and Electric Wire Hustle, nice one! Check Benji B's Best of 2009 part 1 and part 2. Part 2 is still available online for another 5 days if you want to listen in.

Another list? Try this. The best films of 2009 that you might have missed. Boom.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The release party for Ba Ba Boom
... is happening this Sunday December 13 from 5pm as part of the Conch Sunday Grill,  at the Ponsonby Social Club (next to SPQR, opposite Conch). Dub Asylum VS Oogun DJ Battle, lotsa organic BBQ treats, and it's FREE entry! Copies of the single on sale too, check Mukuna for more details.