Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ring The Alarm playlist, Basefm July 11
Chosen few - People make the world go round
Butch Cassidy sound system -Rockers galore
Beat pharmacy -Sunshine
Jackie Mittoo - Wall Street
Tommy McCook and the Supersonics -Beriut
Trackheadz - Jah shall come
Hypnotic brass ensemble - Alyo
Phenomenal handclap band - Baby
Lee Scratch Perry -International broadcaster
Major Lazer - Can't stop now
Manasseh - Creation dub
Naomi Shelton - Trouble in my way
Orgone - Come around
Salmonella dub - Freak local
Topaz -Pharaoh
Aim - Birchwood
Hypnotic brass ensemble - Party started
Booker T and the MGs - Melting pot
Speedometer -Work it out (Beatfanatic remix)
DJ Vadim - Hidden treasure
Cooly G - Love dub
Revolutionaries - Kunta Kinte (DJ Kentaro remix)
UBB - I believe in miracles
Angela Bofill - People make the world go round

Ring The Alarm playlist, Basefm July 4

MJ vs Q-Tip -Breathe dont stop
Guts - And the living is easy
DJ Vadim - Watch that sound JStar remix
Prince Jammy - Dub ites green and gold
Mere Mortalz feat U Brown - Dis a boom
Noiseshaper - This is not a gun thing
Freddie Cruger -Running from love
Brother culture -Warning/Warning dub
Beat Pharmacy - Strangers
Budos band -Mas o menos
The topics - Louie Louie
Staple singers -Something aint right
Emotions - Blind alley
Quantic - Cuidad del swing
Sister Nancy - One two
Romanowski -Strudel strut
Orgone - Already doin it
Nickodemus - Gypsy magic
Issa Bagayogo - Filaw (Senor Oz remix)
Jackson 5 - I want you back (Readymade 524 remix)
Phenomenal handclap band - 15 to 20
Dub asylum - Jump and twist
Dubwize and Hi Kee - Goodness gracious
Lee Perry -Yellow tongue (Kode9 remix)
Kode9 - Back sun

Can I get a handclap?

I've been listening to the debut album from New York crew the Phenomenal Handclap Band. I came across them late last year via music blogs, and got hooked after hearing their tune 15 to 20. Its catchy as hell.

"This 8-strong group of NYC-area musicians (and featuring Jon Spencer and Lady Tiga) blend space disco and smooth 60s-style soul perfectly with early hip hop, and moody, synth-soaked hooks'. Now how many bands can you say that about?"

They dropped their first single on Truth and Soul earlier this year, and their debut self-titled album came out On Friendly Fire Recordings late June. Haven't seen physical copies in this part of the world yet, but you can buy it as a digital download - I got it from Juno Download..

Go have a listen to 15 to 20 here.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dam Funk
Free mp3 over here. Mad. "Dam-Funk is currently putting finishing touches on his debut album Toeachizown which will be released this Fall as 5/LP set - two and a half hours of music - with CD version to follow."
DJ Cliffy, Black Rio 2 promo mix
Via the Fader: "Look, we know how much we talk about the weather on this site, but what can we say, we’re trapped in big-windowed offices and it is perfect outside. And when it’s not perfect outside, we put on music like Black Rio 2 and think about where it is perfect outside.

DJ Cliffy, who curated the compilation of “Samba Soul” from 1968 to 1981, just made a mix of songs from it and you get the feeling these Brazilian a-holes never even think twice about the forecast, just how narrow their buttfloss is going to be that day or, like, which of their girlfriends is the most supermodelish. Jerks. Regardless, we appreciate their ability to translate that to music for the rest of us."

Download: DJ Cliffy, “Black Rio 2 Promo Mix” (zshare) (mediafire)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Harry Allen, Media Assassin
I was following a chain of posts from Harry Allen on Twitter today, and they make for interesting reading, So I strung them together, below. He talked about a seminar where he posed this idea...

"I make the illustration of someone getting a mortgage, paying it back faithfully, then, after the last payment, having a mortgage-burning party, only to find that the bank has taken back the house. Foul, correct? They listened. I then asked them, in like manner, if artists pay back advances through royalties, why do labels then take ownership of master recordings?"
Response? Oh boy.

You know who Harry Allen is, right? He was Public Enemy's media assassin. Need more? His bio is here.

from @harryallen (via Twitter)

The music business is, essentially, an interface between children and sharks.

Artists, for the most part, are distracted and pre-occupied with bright, shiny things we call "art." Put a contract in front of an artist...

...on one side, then a pretty picture, or lovely sound, on the other. 98 times out of 100, the artist will pick up the art. The music biz... designed to exploit that tendency.

Two Lyor Cohen memories: 1) Him, backstage at Nassau Coliseum, egging Eric Sermon on to spit some new rhymes the Green-Eyed Bandit had...

...recently composed, and of which the rapper was especially proud. Even at that moment, I knew I was watching skillful patronizing.

Second Lyor Cohen memory: NYU, about 5 years ago. Roundtable with Russell, Kevin Liles, Lyor. I'm moderating. 500+ people in audience.

I make the illustration of someone getting a mortgage, paying it back faithfully, then, after the last payment, having a mortgage-burning..., only to find that the bank has taken back the house. Foul, correct? They listened. I then asked them, in like manner, if...

...artists pay back advances through royalties, why do labels then take ownership of master recordings? Lyor made this loud, annoyed...

..teeth-sucking, displeased sigh sound, and started talking about people having other things to do, as the audience when, "Ooooooo...."

When I went there, one of the Def Jam execs sent me a note asking me to not talk about this. I don't have audio of the discussion because...

...the Grammy's, or whichever organization was sponsoring the event got pissed and wouldn't give me a tape, though they'd agreed to before.

I've been waiting for this day for years. I've been talking about the electronic dist. of music since the early 90s. See

I did a panel in July 1994, at the last New Music Seminar, the one where I heard Marc Josephson tell an n-word joke. The title was...

"Multimedia: Will Digital Technology Make Record Companies Obsolete?" Six people from the industry, six renegades, incl. Chuck, the IUMA...

...guys, Adam Curry, who'd registered when the company didn't know enough to care, and Free Software guru Richard Stallman.

To the thesis question, the industry guys said no, tech wouldn't obsolete the industry. The others said yes, and Stallman said that, not...

...only would it obsolete it, but the only thing that would keep it around would be in the gov't did so. Like Bear Sterns, in other word.

Not Bear Sterns: Like AIG, in other words.

[Lyor’s response?] He couldn't answer. The relationship is insane & unjust. Plus, framing it in mortgage terms made it ultra-clear to the crowd."

We say Ze!
New York 1980s label gets the reissue treatment from Strut/K7 crew.

"Ze 30: Ze Records 1979-2009 offers a snapshot of many of the label's most vital recordings including tracks from James Chance & The Contortions, Suicide, Kid Creole, Was (Not Was), Material, & many more. French Duo Casino Music's cover of a Sonny & Cher song (above) offers a slick yet snarling dance track that is as menacing as it is infectious. "

Casino Music- "The Beat Goes On" (zshare) (mediafire)
From: Ze 30: Ze Records 1979-2009

Monday, July 06, 2009

The great Limewire pizza robbery

Woman: “Who the FUCK are you? And why are you eating our pizza?”
Kosuke and Paul look confused.

Kosuke: "Are you joking? Is this a joke?"

Woman: "No this is definitely NOT a joke. I want to know who you are and why you’re eating our pizza."

Kosuke: "Well our friend came in and told us there was free pizza at the bar. We are. So. Sorry. It was a misunderstanding."

Woman: (with unbridled entitlement) "This is a company party our CEO is here and you STOLE our pizza. Are you from out of town? Because let me tell you, NOTHING is free in New York City. Nothing is free… well maybe except for the condoms in Times Square."

Paul and Kosuke continue apologizing. They offer to pay for the two slices.

Woman: (didactically snobbish) "We don’t want your money. No. Enjoy the pizza, but you can’t steal other people’s things. You can’t take what’s not yours."

Again the duo continues their apologies. Kosuke tries to turn the situation around and befriend them.Kosuke: "What company do you guys work for?"

Woman: "We work for Limewire."

Kosuke: Oh ok. Well I work at a record label so fuck you. You’ve stolen from us enough. (Bites pizza. Begins to walk away.)

Link. Now go read what happens next.