Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trouble in Blogland.
Blogger writes about firings at ACP (magazine publishers). Trouble ensues...

The New Zealand Herald reports today that the company [ACP] has retrenched “8-10” staff and is shuttering three sites, Runway Reporter, and - with and to be outsourced to JV partner,

"The report comes two days after [ACP's Paul] Dykzeul told Fairfax NZ news portal that the claims, as reported on NZ blog Isaac Likes, were “defamatory and incorrect”. In an interesting twist to the saga, 24 year-old Isaac Likes blogger Isaac Hindin Miller now finds himself out of a job. That is, out of a day job. Hindin Miller, who has been working as market editor for the AGM Publishing-owned Urbis magazine, was summarily dismissed yesterday with zero benefits and marched to the door by publisher Parul Sheopuri. Coincidentally, yesterday’s incident - which sounds like the kind of treatment that is usually meted out to high powered execs privy to sensitive company data - unfolded a matter of hours before Hindin Miller’s own redundancy consultation was due to take place.

On Monday, Hindin Miller was informed that his own position was being made redundant.

Frockwriter contacted AGM Publishing and was told by Parul Sheopuri that Hindin Miller's contractual arrangement with the company came to an end yesterday because he "posted comments about a competitor of AGM, during business hours". From Frockwriter.
Versionaries live - check em!
Ex pat kiwi Christian Burns (Kakhand) and NYC/Jamaican Barrington Calia (Haile Suspicious) are the Sydney based dub/hiphop crew The Versionaries. I'm DJing before them tonight at Galatos Lounge, only $5 on the door.

"Based in Bondi Beach, Sydney The Versionaries have provided tour support for many NZ dub and hiphop acts crossing the ditch and are a firm fixture at many Sydney underground events from Earthdance in Sydney Park to D&BBQ at the Abercrombie Hotel. Their releases include collaborations with DJ Regal, The Nomad, Pitch Black, Solaa and a bevy of Aussie dubheadz and soul providers.

Thursday is a soundsystem show and features special guests Scratch22 and Peter Mac (Dub Asylum). As such its an early show kicking off around 8.30."


DECEMBER 18 GALATOS LOUNGE; AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND (Soundsystem Show) with Scratch 22 & Peter Mac (Dub Asylum) 8pm $5

DECEMBER 19 FLOW BAR; HAMILTON NEW ZEALAND feat DJ Kina + Rayjah 45 and Hayden Weke with Knights of the Dub Table, B.Hopps (SYD) 9pm $10

DECEMBER 20 LEIGH SAWMILL CAFÉ NEW ZEALAND feat DJ Kina + Rayjah 45 and Hayden Weke with B.Hopps (Foreign Dub'/D&BBQ SYD) 9pm $10



Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Seeline Woman
"In September, Legacy Recordings released To Be Free: The Nina Simone Story, a three-cd + dvd collection spanning the legendary singer's career, from her debut on Little Girl Blue to her final recordings on A Single Woman. The dvd makes available for the first time a 1970 documentary of Simone, which is excerpted in the video below..."

From The Fader. Go read a great interview with Nina's daughter there too.

"...I remember her and my dad leaving a lot. For the first six years of my life I remember her being the softer one. She didn’t give me a spanking or anything like that, so she was my refuge and I wanted to be around her all the time. One fond memory is of my mother and father doing the jitterbug in the living room. You know how kids just love to see their parents together? It was just a wonderful feeling to watch them in sync, laughing.

The people that I remember the most were Stokely Carmichael, Miriam Makeba, Betty Shabazz. Those are people I also had relationships with, those were my uncles and aunts. Times have changed a lot in terms of parent and child relationships. Children of divorced relationships weren’t really considered affected. It wasn’t talked about back then in the early ’70s, so I just remember one day my father was there and the next day he wasn’t..."