Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shock Horror! Advertising uses stock images!
And guess what? That's news. No wonder I don't bother with the evening news any more.
La La La
Via Coolfer: "A report this morning by Fox News' Roger Friedman claims Capitol Music Group head Jason Flom and Capitol Records president Lee Trink will exit their roles at EMI and will not be replaced. The folks at Terra Firma, Friedman wrote, do not believe in label presidents...which means Coldplay will soon release the most important album of the Terra Firma/EMI era without anybody helming the ship. (Friedman is told all EMI labels will have "president of A&R" roles and heads of marketing, but no label presidents.)"

The article also notes "More perilous is the situation at Blue Note and Manhattan Records, two highly successful divisions of EMI run by Bruce Lundvall and Ian Ralfini. Their artists include top-selling acts such as Norah Jones and Celtic Woman. Lundvall is sort of the Clive Davis of EMI and may get the same kind of deal as Davis now at Sony BMG — sort of president emeritus. But even that is unclear, since Hands and friends are said not to have contacted him yet."

Lundvall is responsible for signing NZ singer Hollie Smith to Manhattan/Blue Note.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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DOWNLOAD:Steinski - The Payoff Mix (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Steinski - Lesson Two (James Brown Mix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Steinski - Lesson Three (History of Hip Hop) (MP3)


For decades, cult hero Steinski has reigned as an underground legend of the truest sort. Thanks to the nasty killjoy known as copyright law, Steinski's wildly influential old-school sound collages (known as "Lessons") have been furtively passed from DJ to DJ and hip-hop head to hip-hop head without receiving a legal release. Hell must have frozen over, because Steinski has finally gone semi-legit with Illegal Arts' awesomely essential two-disc career retrospective, What Does It All Mean? [Onion AV Club]
"From DJ Shadow to Girl Talk to Cut Chemist and beyond, artists large and small have tipped their sonic hats in his direction." [WIRED]

Check it out. Stream the whole album for free.

“Following “The Payoff Mix,” also known as “Lesson 1,” Steinski and Double Dee (as they dubbed themselves) assembled their second piece, “Lesson 2 (James Brown Mix)” – the second in their highly influential trio of hip-hop history lessons. A modern listener will recognize most of the samples in this one, with everyone from Pop Will Eat Itself to Missy Elliott copping them in the years since. “Lesson 3 (History of Hip Hop),” from 1986, rolls up jazz, funk, films and sound effects into a rowdy, insane collection of beats and chopped-up songs.

These three mixes came to be known as “The Lessons,” and have been inspirational to countless bands since then, though the songs themselves have remained somewhat shadowy in great part due to the legal concerns. With literally a hundred samples or more each, getting clearance is probably impossible. These works of genius are living examples of the problems with existing copyright laws, and, since their release, have been more or less impossible to purchase. But that hasn’t stopped them from spreading and inspiring artists like Coldcut, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist.” – Dusted Magazine

NY state of mind
While promoting his Sirius Satellite Radio Show, 'New York Shuffle,' rocker Lou Reed lost his marbles. During an interview with New York magazine, Reed responded to writer Andrew Goldstein's question about the pending merger of Sirius and rival XM with a verbal can of whoop-ass.

Here's how it went:

Goldstein: "Sirius' impending merger with XM is anticipated to boost earnings. Do you own any stock in the company?"

Reed: "What are you, a f---ing a--hole? I'm here telling you the truth about music and you want to know if I have stock in the f---ing radio? You f---ing piece of s---. What did I do to deserve that?" Link -

ADDED: spotted a bunch of other interesting stuff at Spinner -Grandmaster Flash talks about his autobiography... Bobby Womack interviewed... and James Brown remixed by Kenny Dope - free mp3, off Verve Remixed vol 4. It's incredibly good. Seriously. Go get it now.
Oh, and this one - Charles Bradley and the Bullets free Mp3 off Daptone 7 inch Singles Collection Vol 2.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ring The Alarm, BaseFM, June 7 playlist
Mighty Mo - The next message
Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley
Natural youghurt band - Soft cheese
Butch Cassidy sound system - Brothers and sisters
Horace Andy - My heart is gone dubwise
Reuben Bell - Superjock
Marlena Shaw - California soul (Diplo remix)
Ocote soul sounds - Divinorum (Quantic remix)
Sister Nancy - Transport connection
Revolutionaries - Skanking
Dub traffik control - Fresh prince of Babylon
Bo Diddley - Hit or miss
Bits and pieces - Don't stop the music
Lebron Bros - Salsa y control
Djalma Dias & Sambossa 5 - Cicade vazia
Scientist - Don't rush the dub
Sharon Jones & the Dapkings - I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Is In
James Brown - There was a time (Kenny Dope remix)
Build an ark - Door of the cosmos take 1
Congos - Congoman (Carl Craig edit)
Unitone Hifi - Up to eleven
Little John - Fade away
Phillis Dillon - Woman of the ghetto
Hortense Ellis - People make the world go round
O'Donel Levy - People make the world go round
Anglea Bofill - People make the world go round (found this on vinyl in Real Groovy for $5! Very happy)
Poopee and the NY squirrels - Bust that nut (Downtown mix)
Bo Diddley - I'm a man
Bo Diddley - I don't like you
Bo Diddley - I'm a roadrunner