Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Iggy and his ray of light
At the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, they inducted The Ventures, John Mellencamp, Leonard Cohen, the Dave Clark Five and Madonna, but not Iggy and the Stooges. They did get Iggy and co to come out and play a Madge song (video), which sounds like dirty Detroit karaoke, but wait for the end of the song, when Ig recites Like a Virgin as if it were beat poetry. And Madge sits there, stone-faced. The the camera follows them offstage, and you get to see the band walk thru the kitchen area, where they meet Madge backstage for a suck-up moment with the press. Rock n roll, kids. And then there's Stooges bass player (and former member of Ciccione Youth) Mike Watt grooving on shaking her hand.

Fave moment - Iggy wanders into the crowd mid-song, exhorting them to "feel something". Everyone remains seated at their dining tables. Hat tip to Idolator.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

French people are mad
Here's proof. Brooklyn band Yeasayer (the NY Times says they're part of a new alt-rock wave outta NY, so it must be true) singing acapella on the Paris subway after their show, then climbing up 11 flights of stairs to someone's apartment, to play a few songs round the piano, with a bunch of Parisians joining in on the chorus, and banging on the floors til the neighbours complain. Outstanding video.

NYT... "[Yeaysayer's] songs are tribal yet futuristic, with flashes of African and Middle Eastern melody, and tangles of electronic effects that recall 1970s progressive rock..."

More madness...
Was digging in the bins at Real Groovy at the weekend, and a mate passed me this record (see below - cheers, Julien!), and I had to get it, cos its got Knucklehead, classic b-boy break. But the cover - what is with 70s jazz dudes who play wind instruments getting their shirts off on their covers? (see Herbie Mann)

Speaking of funky vinyl...
"The first Auckland Vinyl Record Collectors Fair for 2008, will take place this Saturday March 15 at Polish House, Morningside. Stalls include New Zealand vinyl and music posters and foreign, 60s, rare, dance, reggae etc vinyl. Murray Cammick will be there, selling more funk and soul vinyl. The event also has stalls selling turntables & accessories.

The venue is the Polish House Hall, 1 McDonald St, on the corner of Ethel Road, off Sandringham Road, opposite Eden Park. The fair runs from 10am to 3pm. $2 entry fee."

... And Conch Records just got a new shipment in, and Unity Books is on sale, and I found a copy of Ginger Baker in Africa on DVD at the weekend too. He takes off from England to visit his mate Fela Kuti in Nigeria, going across the Sahara desert in a Range Rover. Madness ensues.