Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, February 16
Digging thru my records getting ready for the show, I realised I own a lot of cheese, so the first hour of today's show was Cheesy Listening. How much Sergio Mendes is too much?

Love unlimited orchestra - Strange games and things
Sergio Mendes - For what it's worth
Count Basie - James Bond theme
Getz and Gilberto - So danco samba
Dick Hyman - Give it up and turn it loose
Persuasive percussion - Miserlou
El Chicano - Viva tirado
Claude Papesch - Trini baby
Booker T & MGs - It's your thing
Sergio Mendes - Aqua de beber
Herbie Mann - Push push (check the cover above - hairy dude)
Martin Denny - Quiet village
Baja marimba band - Gnu bossa nova
Van McCoy - Funky feet
Lionel Hampton - Stayin alive
Luis Bonfa - Jacaranda
Overproof sound system - Get with it
Freddie Cruger - Running from love
Restless soul - Turn me out
Pavlov and Mishkin - The brothers
Brownout - Laredo 77
Boca45 -La bombonera
Granville Williams Orchestra - Honky tonk
Dennis Alcapone - Fever teaser
Mark de Clive Lowe - Caravan (live)
Erykah Badu - Honey (Capt Planet remix)
Radiohead - Reckonerz feat Chali 2na (Amplive remix)
Bloc party - Where is home? (Burial remix)
Lukid - Fela
Kraftwerk - Radioactivity

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, February 9
Dynamics - 90% of me is you
Fredie Cruger - Running from love
Joe Isaccs - One more time
Mo horizons - Quase nada
The lions - Jungle struttin
Trinity - Three piece suit
Freddie McGregor - Rastaman camp
Cookie monster - C is for cookie (Roy Thode disco mix)
Audioweb - Faker (Lionrock remix)
Tosca - Bossa on the boat
Youngblood brass band - Brooklyn
Clarence Reid - If it was good enough for Daddy
Allen Toussaint - Goin down
Overproof sound system - Get with it
Portishead -Key bored 299 03
Kode9 & spaceape - Bodies
Sharon Jones and Dapkings - Something's changed
Shriekback - All lined up
Muddy Waters - I'm a man
Cut chemist - Storm
Concrete puppy - The great raspberry ripoff
Restless soul - Turn me out
Tanya Stephens- U don't get it/It's a pity
4Hero -Les fleurs

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Meanwhile, at the rollerdisco...
I signed up for the RPM Challenge at the start of February (write and record an album in a month). Came up with a goofy new alias (Dub Setsuko) and started recording. Up to seven songs so far. Check out my first finished tune at

You can download it too, if you feel so inclined. Enjoy! (Or download it from here if you're not down with Myspace.)

I also did an interview yesterday for NZ's National Radio, along with Dave Karlotski from RPM Challenge (phoning in from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where he runs The Wire, a weekly alternative newspaper).
Now online here - under 'A' for Access All Areas...

He mentioned that one of the first albums finished so far is from New Zealand, an improvisational album. And the amazing fact that when they started RPM Challenge in 2006, it was strictly their local town (pop: 20,000), and they had 200 bands enter. That's a vibrant pop culture right there. The interview should go to air this weekend.

Headline of the week.
"Bobby Brown almost peed on Dee Snider" Link.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Funk this
"Some of these new artists, I just want to say, ‘The post office is hiring.’ Others I just want to embrace. I would love to educate some of these kids with funk, soul and rock … as for Amy Winehouse, she’s just walking her walk.”

— Chaka Khan, winner for R&B album, “Funk This,” and R&B performance by a duo or group with vocal, “Disrespectful” More reactions from winners here.

Mike from Franklin Ave blog went along, check his craptastic cellphone snaps here.

Monday, February 11, 2008

It's business time!
I was checking the LA Times to see if anything vaguely interesting was happening at the Grammys, looking at the winners, thinking "I don't care about any of these artists", but then I saw this...

"America's Mexican," George Lopez
"Dirty Girl," Lisa Lampanelli
"The Distant Future," Flight of the Conchords (Winner)
"I Still Have A Pony," Steven Wright
"Songs Pointed & Pointless," Harry Shearer

Sweet as!

ADDED: has just posted up this news, noting that "The last New Zealander to win a Grammy was opera star Dame Kiri Te Kanawa in 1984, according to the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand." WRONG! [The Herald got it wrong too - scratch that, they fixed it]
Expat Kiwi jazz musician Alan Broadbent has been nominated numerous times for the Grammys, and won in 1998 and 2000, for his arranging on albums by Natalie Cole and Shirley Horn, respectively.