Monday, December 17, 2007

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, December 15
Tony Allen - Sankofa (Hynotic Brass Ensemble rework)
Freddie Cruger - Running from love
Bob Marley - Sun is shining (DJ Delores remix)
Prince Fari - Give love
Joy Denalane - Change
Budos Band - My girl
Junior Mance - Dontcha hear me callin ya
La Belle - Moon shadow
James Brown - Soulful xmas
50 cent vs Sharon Jones - Get dap money
Kissey Asplund - With you
Jackie Mittoo - Ska shuffle
The Clash - Rudie can't fail
Lee Dorsey - Operation heartache
Cut chemist - The garden
Sa-ra - Sa-ra space theme
Maxwell implosion - Doughie step
Groove armada - Tuning in (dub)
Ernie K Doe - Here come the girls
Collie Buddz - Come around (K-Salaam remix)
Sharon Jones and the Dapkings - How long... (Ticklah remix)
Lukid - Fela
OJays - 992 arguments
Jackson 5 - Santa Claus is coming to town (Ready Steady Drew remix)
Queens tag team - C'mon yeah
Junior Reid - Bubblers
Alicia Keys - No one (reggae remix feat Junior Reid)

Friday, December 14, 2007

• I went to Junior Reid last night - wicked show, splendid voice, but the number of punters I talked to complaining about the ridiculously late start-time was high - word was he was coming on at 12, and he hit the stage closer to 1am. Wake up, promoters, that's just shabby. I was talking with a mate who told me about going to see some hiphop MCs in New York, and they heard the show started at 9pm so they rolled up at 10, and discovered to their dismay that they'd missed one of their heroes.

• What does Bill Murray say at the end of Lost In Translation? Or don't you want to know? (Link) Best use of a Jesus and Mary Chain song in a movie ever.

•Heard Santogold yet? Listen over here - the chorus for her tune Shov It is one of the funniest things I've heard all year. (Photo credit: Fader via BV)

•Kristen Schaal (Mel from Flight of Choncords) gives her top ten of the year (link BV)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

RIP Ike Turner
Passed away aged 76. (link) the former husband of Tina Turner, died at his home near San Diego, California. He rose to fame in the 1960s, and is best remembered for his musical partnership and stormy marriage with Tina Turner. (BBC)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alicia got the goods
Just came across this insane clip of Alicia Keys performing live at the AMA's recently, doing her big hit 'No-one' with Junior Reid (playing tonight in Welli, Thurs in AK, get ya tickets) just like on the remix, then Junior drops One Blood, then Chaka Demus and Pliers come out (Murder she wrote), then Beenieman (Who am I), its nuts. Watch it here.
Pay what you want
Radiohead are guaranteed to be one of the end-of-year talking points in music round-ups, over their latest album In Rainbows and its distribution method. A lot has already been written on the subject, but no-one has covered exactly how they came upon this idea. Thanks to the excellent work of Jon Pareles of the New York Times ("Pay what you want for this article") , now we know.

"Radiohead is not the first act to try what one of its managers, Chris Hufford, calls “virtual busking.” But it’s the first one that can easily fill arenas whenever it tours. “It feels good,” said Thom Yorke ... “It was a way of letting everybody judge for themselves.”

Radiohead’s pay-what-you-choose gambit didn’t just set off economic debates. It should also establish 2007 as two kinds of tipping point for recorded music. One is as the year of the superstar free agent. After fulfilling its contract in 2003 with its last album for EMI, “Hail to the Thief,” Radiohead turned down multimillion-dollar offers for a new major-label deal, preferring to stay independent...

...Mr. Hufford said that he and Bryce Edge, Radiohead’s other manager, had come up with the pay-what-you-want plan during a stoned philosophical conversation about the value of music. They had initially proposed releasing only the download and the deluxe box, but the band overruled them, noting that many of its fans are neither downloaders nor elite collectors. On Jan. 1 — a day when few albums are usually released — the single-disc “In Rainbows” is due as a retail CD and vinyl LP, in joint ventures with the independent labels TBD (part of ATO Records, partly owned by Dave Matthews) in the United States and XL in most other countries."

Yep, another great idea hatched over a shared joint. That's how Microsoft started, right? Or was that Apple?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, December 8
Stevie Wonder - Masterblaster dub
Gussie P - Have you loved somebody dub
Tony Allen - Ole (Salah Ragab & Afro-Egyptian ensemble rework)
Salah Ragab & the Cairo Jazz Band - Egypt strut
Saul Williams - Scared money
Aretha Franklin - Jump
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - Nobody's baby
Jay Electronica - My world (Nas salute)
King Everand - Kill ole pan
Brigadier Jerry - Ram dance master
Lord Tanamo - I'm in the mood for love
International observer - Cellphone dub
Kolab - Inner beat
Gloria Jones - tainted love
Santogold - Shove it (Switch remix)
Lukid - Fela
Magic fly - Champion mushroom
Maze - Colourblind
BT Express - Give it what you got
Sugarman 3 - Cherry pickin'
Cut chemist - A peak in time
Katzenjammers - Cars
Overnight low - The witch doctor
Rhythm and sound - Let jah love come (Sweet substance remix)
Hypnotic brass ensemble - Brass in Africa
James Brown - Merry christmas, I love you
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - Stranded in your love (Cool Calm Pete remix)
Parlet - No rump to bump

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, December 1
Pointer sisters -Pinball number count
Dynamics - Brothers on the slide
Stephen Marley - Traffic jam
Tommy McCook & the Skatalites - Shockers rock
Al Green - Love and happiness (Shoes dub edit)
Sugarman 3 - Take it as it comes (Afrodisiac sound system remix)
James Brown - Santa Claus goes straight to the ghetto
DJ Spinna feat Phonte -Dillagence
Oneself - Paranoid (JStar remix)
Hypnotic brass ensemble - Brass in Africa (Bulljun remix)
Kenny Knots - Good sensi
Barrington Levy - Many changes in life
Le peuple de l'herbe - Reggaematic
The Pioneers - Sweet inspiration (Justin Robertson remix)
Commodores - Brick house
Blackbyrds - The run away
Supergroove - Platinum blonde (DLT remix)
Kora - Delivery man
Supercat - Don dada
Horace Andy - Just say who
African Brothers - Hold tight
Wu tang clan - Take it back
Bacao rhythm and steel band - Look-a-py-py
Lukid - Fela
Top cat - Champipn DJ
Rebel MC feat Tenor fly - Comin on strong
Tony Allen - Ole (Salah Ragab & Afro-Egyptian ensemble rework)

Monday, December 10, 2007

The bestest of 07.
Its that time of year when ya get inundated with 'best of' lists. There's the Guardian, Mojo, and then you have LAist, who asked their fave local (LA) bands to name their top albums. Brooklyn Vegan asked some comedians for their top tens. I might ask the girls at my local dairy.
What's your fave album/s of this year?

ADDED: Top 15 albums of 2007, as voted by NZ's indie musicians here. With handy mp3s.
Ernie and Burt in 'Sesame St Death Metal Drum Solo'
Best video I've seen in ages. Watch here.

And cheers to the folk who came down to the Beat Market on Saturday and bought my records -I now have enough dosh for a Jr Reid ticket. Sweet!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Junior is coming.
"One of the world's most celebrated Reggae artists - Junior Reid -will be performing live in New Zealand for the first time.

Delroy "Junior" Reid is well known as lead vocalist for the famed group Black Uhuru and as a successful solo artist. Always at the cutting edge of Reggae creation, Reid has collaborated with Hip Hop artists such as Wu Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe and T-Pain. He recently worked with MIMS on the worldwide smash hit, 'This is why I'm hot'.

Junior Reid will be joined by well known Canadian DJ/ Producer, DJ Power. With local support from: Jafa Mafia, Jugglin Crew, Rebel Bass and Tommy Flowers at Galatos on Thursday December 13th from 8pm (and Dec 12 in Welly). Presales $38 plus booking fees. $45 at the door. Get em quick!!"

Saturday arvo, check out the Beat Market, at Santos/Safari Lounge courtyard on Ponsonby Rd, bring along some records to swap/trade/or sell, hang out and listen to some DJs (Tommy Flowers, Double 00 Afro, Dan Paine, Jason Howson), and indulge your vinyl addiction. Beat Merchants will have a bunch of stuff on sale too. From 12 midday til 5pm.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Josh Homme is a straight-talking bad-ass
"F%ck the labels man, they suck. The last thing they're stripping down is their own expense accounts and shit. I mean, Jimmy Iovine of Interscope records takes a private jet or rides first class to tell a band they don't get tour support..." read his comments in full over here. It gets even betterer.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Mo fun
So, lotsa fellas at my work have been growing mo's for movember, and I've been in on the fun. We had a work party on Wednesday night for Movember (I won best Motown Mo prize, but the overall winner of Movember in our office was dressed as the builder from the Village People). Anyways, here's the evidence.

If you feel like sponsoring me (hey, this photo made you laugh, that's gotta be worth at least a fiver) then go here and enter my rego number 104231. Much appreciated.
Check the video of Steve Jones and John Lydon on their recording for video game Guitar Hero III. Why would they re-record one of their old songs? Jones says it's cos their record company lost their masters. Bonus points - Lydon loses his noodle at a UK press conference for the game launch, classic - Link.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jeremy Piven goes metal
Funniest video I've seen in ages, language is NSFW tho. Need ya headphones on for it. The Piv gets spotted at an LA nightclub by silly metal band, who get him onstage to play drums for them. Hat tip to LAist.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, November 24
Cookie monster - C is for cookie disco mix (sweet version by Roy Thode)
Nightmares on wax -Flip ya lid
Joy Denalane - Change (inst)
Budos Band - Adeniji
Hypnotic Bass Ensemble- War featJay Z, Freeway (Catchdubs remix)
Papa Levy - Mi god mi king
Dynamics - Rockit
Super beagle - Dust a sound boy
Al Green -I'm glad you're mine
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - Stranded in your love (Cool calm Pete remix)
Dubmatix - Jump and twist (steppers mix)
Anthony Red Rose - Tempo
Hot 8 Brass Band - Get up
Meters - Just kissed my baby
Dr Tree - Eugino D
Snake Salvador - When I'm with you
Trecherous Three - Feel the heartbeat
Freddy Cruger - Running from love
Twilight circus feat Luciano - What we gotta do (G Corp remix)
Joe Gibbs - Chapter three
Chubby Digits - Decomposed
Bob Dylan - Most likely you go your way... (Mark Ronson remix)
Aim - Just passin thru
Collie Buddz - Come around (K Salaam remix)
Overproof sound system - Watch what you put inna (G Corp remix)
The joys of the music biz, part 480
Sighted in Alan McGee's column on the Guardian "Dub be good to me: Curious about dub reggae but don't know where to start? Here's five classic albums to get the riddims started."

One of the albums listed is by dub maestro Scientist, called 'Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires'.

"... Rockstar Games licensed the Vampire album for their Grand Theft Auto game, but Scientist received no compensation from the deal and sued the company.

He ultimately lost because he engineered the album but didn't produce it, so isn't considered the owner of his work - setting a dangerous precedent in the world of dub, where engineering is the key to creation. Rockstar Games successfully argued that with the extra profile its game gave the album, Scientist had already been compensated."

Thursday, November 22, 2007

• Sounds music stores go into voluntary administration - "The company that operates Sounds and some Blockbuster stores has gone into voluntary administration - the first in New Zealand to do so [under new legislation]. Icon Digital Entertainment runs seven Blockbuster video chain stores and 50 Sounds music stores nationwide." They owe bank and creditors $20m. More here.

sighted at the Dominion Post... "Music store sales have slumped from more than $50 a person each year in 2000 to $34 a head last year. Total music sales topped $200 million in 2001, but were down to $147 million last year. Other retailers blamed reduced prices at The Warehouse, which sells CDs for at least $5 less than prices in music chain stores.

Auckland-based Real Groovy music store manager Chris Hart said competition from The Warehouse was "huge", the discount chain selling CDs for about $22 when the full markup price for a music store was about $35."

• Congratulations to Moana Maniapoto, one of five winners of $50,000 Arts Foundation awards. Link.

• Late last year, Robyn predicted on my 2006 round-up that "To help steer people back to albums, I reckon we’ll see more concept albums, with bands (and record companies) trying to convince us that all the album tracks are equally important, and, like, we must respect their artistic vision and go on a musical journey."
Turns out, Jermaine Dupri thinks she has a point, and mouths off about it at Huffington Post, in reference to the new Jay Z album, only sold as a complete album, no single track downloads allowed. Robyns 's reaction? "You know who needs to shut up? Jermaine Dupri needs to shut up." Read it here.
Or, as Idolator puts it... "Jermaine Dupri Is Willing To Screw You Over For The Sake Of A Good Album" More here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hot 8
...After the city tripled the fees for second-line parades, a consortium of Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs took the matter to federal court. Last month, police arrested two brass-band musicians for parading without a permit during a funeral procession, setting off new controversy over a time-honored tradition.

"We rose out of water and debris to lead the way back to the life that we love," said [band leader] Pete at a recent public forum on such matters. "It's not just a party, it's our life. We can sugarcoat it all kinds of ways, but the city looks at us as uncivilized. And that's why they try to confine us."

Hot 8 Brass Band interview at Village Voice. Great reading for fans of New Orleans music.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, November 17
Hypnotic brass ensemble - Balicky bon
Daktaris - Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti (Mad professor remix)
Yes king - Love revolution dub remix
Junk - 99c strut
DJ Spinna - Abyzmal
Sharon Jones & Dap Kings - Mean man (DJ Spinna remix)
Jr Reid - Bubblers
Ken Boothe & Stranger Cole - Arte belle
Brentford Allstars - Racetrack
Dillinger - Cocaine (G Corp remix)
Little sister - Stanga
Baby huey & babysitters - Hard times
Dr Tree - Eugino D
In deep - Last night a DJ saved my life/DJ delight
Trvea Whateva - Singalong
The bug - Skeng (Kode9 remix)
Skepta - Bumberclaat badman
Joy Denalane - Let it go
Trinidad & Tobago steel allstars - Do your thing
Quincy Jones & Ray Charles - In the heat of the night
Kora - Crazy things
Saul Williams - Scared money
Budos Band - Chicago falcon (Washington Sq Lads/Mark Ronson remix)
Erykah Badu - Honey