Thursday, November 22, 2007

• Sounds music stores go into voluntary administration - "The company that operates Sounds and some Blockbuster stores has gone into voluntary administration - the first in New Zealand to do so [under new legislation]. Icon Digital Entertainment runs seven Blockbuster video chain stores and 50 Sounds music stores nationwide." They owe bank and creditors $20m. More here.

sighted at the Dominion Post... "Music store sales have slumped from more than $50 a person each year in 2000 to $34 a head last year. Total music sales topped $200 million in 2001, but were down to $147 million last year. Other retailers blamed reduced prices at The Warehouse, which sells CDs for at least $5 less than prices in music chain stores.

Auckland-based Real Groovy music store manager Chris Hart said competition from The Warehouse was "huge", the discount chain selling CDs for about $22 when the full markup price for a music store was about $35."

• Congratulations to Moana Maniapoto, one of five winners of $50,000 Arts Foundation awards. Link.

• Late last year, Robyn predicted on my 2006 round-up that "To help steer people back to albums, I reckon we’ll see more concept albums, with bands (and record companies) trying to convince us that all the album tracks are equally important, and, like, we must respect their artistic vision and go on a musical journey."
Turns out, Jermaine Dupri thinks she has a point, and mouths off about it at Huffington Post, in reference to the new Jay Z album, only sold as a complete album, no single track downloads allowed. Robyns 's reaction? "You know who needs to shut up? Jermaine Dupri needs to shut up." Read it here.
Or, as Idolator puts it... "Jermaine Dupri Is Willing To Screw You Over For The Sake Of A Good Album" More here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hot 8
...After the city tripled the fees for second-line parades, a consortium of Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs took the matter to federal court. Last month, police arrested two brass-band musicians for parading without a permit during a funeral procession, setting off new controversy over a time-honored tradition.

"We rose out of water and debris to lead the way back to the life that we love," said [band leader] Pete at a recent public forum on such matters. "It's not just a party, it's our life. We can sugarcoat it all kinds of ways, but the city looks at us as uncivilized. And that's why they try to confine us."

Hot 8 Brass Band interview at Village Voice. Great reading for fans of New Orleans music.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, November 17
Hypnotic brass ensemble - Balicky bon
Daktaris - Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti (Mad professor remix)
Yes king - Love revolution dub remix
Junk - 99c strut
DJ Spinna - Abyzmal
Sharon Jones & Dap Kings - Mean man (DJ Spinna remix)
Jr Reid - Bubblers
Ken Boothe & Stranger Cole - Arte belle
Brentford Allstars - Racetrack
Dillinger - Cocaine (G Corp remix)
Little sister - Stanga
Baby huey & babysitters - Hard times
Dr Tree - Eugino D
In deep - Last night a DJ saved my life/DJ delight
Trvea Whateva - Singalong
The bug - Skeng (Kode9 remix)
Skepta - Bumberclaat badman
Joy Denalane - Let it go
Trinidad & Tobago steel allstars - Do your thing
Quincy Jones & Ray Charles - In the heat of the night
Kora - Crazy things
Saul Williams - Scared money
Budos Band - Chicago falcon (Washington Sq Lads/Mark Ronson remix)
Erykah Badu - Honey

Monday, November 19, 2007

And there's 90 minutes of my life I'll never have back
Watched Factory Girl last night, the movie about Andy Warhol's first 'superstar', Edie Sedgwick, played by Sienna Miller. Guy Pearce was a note-perfect Warhol-copyist, and oh my god, Hayden Christensen as a Bob Dylan-a-like - Anakin Skywalker does boho chic, bloody funny but so ridiculous (apparently Edie and Dylan were never an item).

But what a crap film, - excessive use of voice-over explaining what's happening, no Dylan or Velvet Underground music, and a script that jumbled Warhol's paintings out of chronological order. And they had Warhol discovering the Velvets with Nico already singing for them, but adding her to the existing Velvets line-up was Warhol's idea. What? Don't waste your time on this film.

Go read the comments at IMDB, and see just how crap this film is. And this from the director of Dogtown and Mayor of Sunset Strip. Stick to docos, dude. Hollywood is sucking your will to live.