Saturday, April 28, 2007

Auckland Uki Uki Band
Check out the Auckland ukulele night... at Gyoza King, 107 Ponsonby rd (next to Owens bookshop, George FM) Sunday 29th April, 7pm. Bookings - phone 360 8638. All welcome!

Also, the Wellington Ukulele Orchestra will be playing in AK on May 5, at the Schooner Tavern, with Chris Knox, and the following day at the Museum. Details soon.

Further to the Dawn Raid news, the first report from the liquidators following the collapse of Dawn Raid, "Universal and Warner are owed $320,000, but it is not known if they will pursue the debt now entertainment company Dawn Raid has gone into liquidation owing just over $1 million. Debts to the music companies make up the bulk of $518,819 owed to unsecured creditors. Inland Revenue, a preferential creditor, is owed $410,000 and secured creditors, who are first in line for any pay-out, are owed $140,000.

The liquidation report says [Dawn Raid founders] Murnane and Leaosavai'i sold their homes and invested more than $200,000 as Dawn Raid struggled.They tried to negotiate a deal with Inland Revenue to settle outstanding taxes, but their offer was rejected, forcing them to place the companies in liquidation." More here. It seems unclear whether their artists will remain tied to Dawn Raid, but up to 10 interested parties are looking to purchase the assets of Dawn Raid.

Also, there's a funny little story buried in the back of the Weekend Herald today, in the Careers section, which is an interview with an NZSO flute player, Bridget Douglas, and Nathan Haines, on the viability of music as a career - best quote...

"Haines has some advice for musicians looking for their first record deal. Don't bother. He is self-funding the production of his next album, recording it in his own studio and paying for CD production and artwork himself. Traditionally, record companies pay for these things.

Haines says doing it himself will mean he'll get three times more money from each sale of his new CD than if it was produced under contract to a record company.

"Technology now puts the power into the hands of the musicians and you don't need a big record company any more," he says. "The stranglehold the record companies have on artists is dwindling."

Young people, he says, now need to know as much about the music industry as the music itself."

Oh yeah, the article is called "Jazzing up your career options" Heh heh...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Good to go go - Chuck Brown is bustin' loose
Everything goes better with a bit of Go go - get these tunes down ya. Via Idolator. Listen to a bit of Joe Tex while you're there, maybe?

ADDED: " A few months ago, we tipped our readers to a Firefox extension called Downthemall. While its name sounds like one for an organization devoted to fighting suburban sprawl, it's actually a neat little download accelerator that allows users to snag all the MP3s on a Web page with just one click, and it's become somewhat crucial to our blog-appreciation efforts. We were reminded of its utility today, when Spine Magazine linked to the Wu-Tang Clan's recently updated downloads page; someone within the Wu-Tang camp has put up a whopping 215 MP3s of unreleased, rare, and demo tracks from the group. Seriously, this is the sort of thing Downthemall was made for, so get clicking before the bandwidth police rush the party." more from Idolator.