Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Clash city rockers
Clash exhibit opens at rock hall LA Times (req registration)
"... The Clash is being celebrated with an exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.It's enough to give Mick Jones a case of anxiety.
"I've got mixed trepidation about seeing it, getting to the museum stage of life and still being alive," said Jones ...

Why the Clash are still rock titans (The Guardian)
and some famous fans on their faves Clash tune... snip...

Ian Brown
Musician, formerly Stone Roses


"I was at the recording of 'Bankrobber'. Me and my mate Pete Garner were walking down Granby Road in the middle of Manchester one day and we could hear these drums coming through the walls. Pete was a proper Clash fan and he was convinced it was them. Then Topper Headon walks out on to the street right in front of us!

He invited us downstairs into the studio to see what was going on. Mikey Dread was there and we got chatting. They were dead cool. Joe Strummer was sitting in the corner with a big, wide-brimmed hat on beneath this big grandfather clock, clicking his fingers in time to it. Paul Simonon asked us what our favourite film was and then said [affects authentic west London drawl]: 'Mine's Death Race 2000!' Funny, the things you remember.

Afterwards, we showed Johnny Green, their tour manager, the way to the record shop and he bought two copies of 'London Calling' - one for each of us. I'll never forget it."

Monday, October 30, 2006

iPod cracks
From UK site The Register...
"As we reported three weeks ago, reverse-engineering specialist "DVD" Jon Johansen has decoded the encryption that locks down iTunes-purchased music - and he's formed a company to license this to all-comers. Now Johansen has reverse-engineered rival DRM formats, permitting encrypted songs purchased from Apple rivals to play on iPods.

The music business is likely to be rejoicing - it blames a market divided into incompatible DRM silos for the less-than-spectacular adoption of digital downloads. Despite all the hype, digital sales won't surpass CD sales until 2014, based on linear growth rates. And despite claims that they're being robbed into penury by "pirates", the music industry finds unexpected ways of profiting from its assets. The ringtone business, for example, grossed $75bn for operators last year - double the global revenue of the music industry."

Read that last sentence again.

P-Money sold over 6,000 ringtones last year. Who needs gold singles?

On a similar note,...

"EMI Music [UK] Chairman and Chief Executive Alain Levy Friday told an audience at the London Business School that the CD is dead, saying music companies will no longer be able to sell CDs without offering "value-added" material. "The CD as it is right now is dead," Levy said, adding that 60% of consumers put CDs into home computers in order to transfer material to digital music players." Link.

Value-added material, like the bonus features available with DVDs for the last 5 years?
Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, 28 October
Norman Whitfield – Sunrise
Nightmares on wax – The sweetest
Brentford Allstars – Racetrack
Jackie Mittoo -Drum song
Beat conductor -Flowers
Quantic feat Ohmega Watts – Blow your horn
Djinji Brown – Rockers 2000
Roots Radics – Patrolling
Family tree feat Sharon Brown – Family tree (Norman Cook re-edit)
Esther Phillips – Use me
Charles Wright and Watts 103rd St Band – What can you bring me?
Meters – Just kissed my baby
Jstar – Fall in love
Odd couple – Paper kites
Kolab - Sam I am
Nova cain – Are u ready for nova
Johnny Colon – Descarga
Suns of arqa – Ananda snake dance
Mere mortalz feat U Brown – Dis a boom
Nomo – Hand and mouth
Dave Brubeck Quartet – Take five
Open souls – 12345
Ini Kamoze feat Capital D – World a reggae
Dod G -Trojan soap
Trinidad Cavaliers Steel band – Oy como va