Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Kiwi FM - back from the grave?
If you haven't read Dubber's excellent post on the latest development with the low-rating Kiwi FM, read it now. Beat the spin...

"Seven years ago, the idea for a nationwide, commercial-free Youth Radio Network in New Zealand was first proposed. It became a hotly debated topic in both broadcasting circles and at a level of public policy. It was considered such a potential vote-winner, every major political party was claiming it as their own.

Today, Steve Maharey, the most public-radio-friendly Broadcasting Minister in decades, killed it. And Brent Impey - the man whose local instance of the global CanWest media empire makes Clear Channel look like the good guys - can rub his hands together with sinister glee.

Maharey has given free major metropolitan FM frequencies to CanWest in order that they will continue to play exclusively NZ music - despite the fact that New Zealand music has been mainstreamed on every other radio station in the country and the 20% voluntary target has been reached (and, in many cases, exceeded)."

"... Happy New Zealand Music Month, Brent Impey. Not only have you ghetto-ised local music, you've managed to be given assets to a value in excess of $20m, you've completely decimated commercial radio's biggest perceived threat, dealt a huge blow to public broadcasting and had your way with the country's Broadcasting Minister in an historic fashion.

Happy NZ Music Month, NZ music industry - this is not a reprieve, this is a set-back.

Happy NZ Music Month, Steve Maharey. this was the plan all along. You have been screwed.

Happy NZ Music Month, Brendan Smyth. Back to the drawing board."

Monday, May 01, 2006

Congratulations ot my main man Trevor Reekie on winning Best NZ Produced Music Programme - Best Music Feature at the NZ Radio Awards on Saturday night. Nice one. Now, hit em up for raise, quick!

"Winner: The Times Are A Changing - Trevor Reekie, National Radio

Special Commendations: - He Ara Puoro "A Pathway of Song" - Roger Smith & Gareth Watkins, Concert FM - Enzology "The Story of Split Enz" - Jeremy Ansell, National Radio/RNZ"
Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, April 29
Lloyd Charmers – Look-ka-py py
Meters – Cissy strut
King Tubby – Slow motion dub
Marlon Stewart – Dem girls (Emo remix)
Lowman – Pharrel vs Hutch
Fat Freddy's Drop – Flashback (Jazzanova mashed bag remix)
Nuffwish – Loaded chalice
Jstar – Bye bye barb
Breakestra - The getting to it
Boozoo Bajou – Blast
Jackie Mittoo – Hot milk
Oneself – Bluebird
All natural and Lone Catalysts – Renaissance
Upper Hutt Posse – Stormy weather
Nas – Get down
Salmonella Dub - Platetechtonics (Groove corp remix)
Open Souls – They don't even know
Grant Phabo feat Lone Ranger, Carlton Livingston – Message to you Rudy
Wiseguys – Oh la la
Temptations – Zoom
Revolutionaries – Skanking
Nightmares on wax – The sweetest
Tye Tribbet – Mighty long way
Dusty Springfield - Spooky
Barrington Levy – Collie weed version
Scrappy – Off the lead
Turbulence – Stay focus

Chip Matthews (Open Souls, Che fu and the Krates) does the show after me on Basefm, it's called the Saturday Spot. This week he decided to do a country special, after getting a good response to dropping some Neil Young songs in previous shows. As I was driving off from Ponsonby, he was playing Johnnie Cash, then The Devil Went Down To Georgia. Chip, you are a mad crazy musical anarchist, and I gotta give you maximum respect for that. Country on a hiphop station - nice one!

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, April 22
Specials – Message to you Rudy
Skatalites – Phoenix city
Wild Magnolias – Battlefield (Joe Claussell remix)
The Meters – Soul machine
Katchafire – Collie herb man (Sola Rosa remix)
Jackie Mittoo – Get up and get it
Roots combination – Spoony Bill
Leela James – Good time
Ghostface Killah - Cherchez la ghost
Radio city feat Bajka – The hop
Breakestra – The getting to it
Alton Ellis - It's a shame
Big Youth/Congos – Feed a nation
Open Souls - Falling in
Zaguzar -Welcome to England
Dam native feat Che Fu – The son
Hugh Masekela – When
Little Sister – Stanga
Rhythm and sound – Let jah love come (Sweet substance remix)
Pointer sisters – Yes we can can (RIP June Pointer)
Coldcut feat Roots Manuva - True skool
Nostalgia 77 – Seven nation army
KRS One – Bo bo bo
Grant Phabo feat Lone Ranger, Carlton Livingston – Message to you Rudy

Monday, April 24, 2006

Oh, my aching sides
"Music was better when we were kids ... When we were young we had tapes, and you listened to every track. You didn't fast forward in case you overshot. And songs you didn't like turned out to be your favourites, because the album became a person. It grew on you. Now, if kids don't like the first few bars, they're gone. You've got to grab them. I tell you what the problem is - it's downloading." - Danger Mouse in an interview with The Telegraph via Coolfer

That would be the same DJ Dangermouse, who shot to fame when a million-zillion people downloaded his Beatles/Jay Z mashup the Grey Album on Grey Tuesday (Feb 24, 2004)? Yep. That's crazy.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Vinyl solution

Kiwi Vinyl at Record Collectors' Fair on Saturday

"The 2nd Annual Record Collectors fair takes place in Auckland this Saturday April 22. The focus is on vinyl at this event with stalls selling vinyl including classic Kiwi, dance, soul, rock, hip-hop etc. Music posters and turntables will also be on sale.
New Zealand record labels who have music to sell include Wildside with some rare Wildside vinyl and CD singles for sale and collectable old Wildside posters.
The Fair is open to the public from 10am at the Polish House Hall, 1 McDonald St (off Ethel St), Morningside, the suburb on the city side of Mt Eden.
To rent a $20 table at the Fair contact Klaus (09) 444-9366. "

via NZMusician.

Bouncy Friday.
More bounce to the ounce, by Zapp - You need this tune, go get it now.

That is all.

Oh, hang on.... Eight local albums in the top 40 this week, special mention to the Open Souls, who crack the charts with their debut album, Kaleidoscope, first week in at number 29. Nice one.

But wait, there's more...
Peaches has a new album out soonish, it's called Impeach My Bush.

That is all.

ADDED And now for this message...
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy, live on Top of the Pops
and old school - Shannon - video for Let the Music Play. Oh, youtube...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Saturday Aril 15.
Toots and the Maytals - Bam bam
Nightmares on wax - the sweetest
Madlib - Please set me at ease
Scientist - See a dub face
Prince Fatty - The zoo
Eternals - Queen of the minstrels
Fat Freddy's Drop - Midnight maruaders (Lightning head remix)
Jstar - Bye bye barb
Seatrain - Flute thing
Parliament - P-Funk wants to get funked up
Open souls - They don't even know
Turbulence - Doesn't really matter
Fugees vs Butch Cassidy - Fu-gee-la sound system
Roy Ayers - Funk in the hole (Platinum Pied Pipers remix)
Ridlah Banton - Peace ah dat
Flirtations - Nothing but a heartache
Jackson 5 - ABC (Konishi Yasuharu remix)
DJ Shadow - 3 freaks
Sixto Rodriquez - Sugar man
Bob Marley -Stand up jamrock (Ashley Beedle remix)
De La Soul - Stakes is high (Jay Dee remix)
Freddie Cruger - Running from love
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
Cymande - Bra
Katezenjammers - Cars
Open Souls- Falling in

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Coast on by
Check out Coast on Maori TV tonight at 9.30pm - they've got an interview with Damian Marley (Son of Bob) and the interviewer is Ahmen Mahal (Son of Taj Mahal) . Their fathers were friends, but never collaborated together. Ahmen sings with Rhombus and has a bunch of crazy-ass aliases, like Olmecha Supreme, Murk108 and Imon Star. Check it.

I spent a thoroughly enjoyable few a hours last night at the Red Bull Studio, listening to Wajeed of Detroit's Platinum Pied Pipers talk about his musical experiences. He also did some hands-on production with the MPC, and I got to talk with him about remixes, which was cool. I've got three of em coming up soon, more on that later.

You can check out Wajeed's talk at last year's Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle over here - big video file (interviewer is Fat Freddy's Toby Laing), or text transcript for you low-fi cats. Entries for this year's Red Bull Music Academy have just opened, keep an eye out for application forms at your favorite record store - it comes with a cool CDRom of some of last years interviews. If you can't find it, check the Red Bull Academy site for your local rep's contact details.

Wajeed is in town for a gig - catch him DJing tonight along with Prefuse 73 at Galatos.

SNIP... from Red Bull Seattle lecture...
"My dad said if you want to be really, really good at something, if you want to be great, lock yourself in your room and do that thing for one year. And that’s what I did. I took my MPC and all these records that I’d collected all these years. I knew what every break was because I was a DJ. I knew like Paul McCartney or The Beatles, I knew records like the back of my hand, and I locked myself in my apartment for a year.

It started almost as a dare. Jay Dee had this beat machine [an MPC 2000] laying in his basement, and ?uestlove[The Roots] had broken the beat machine. He’d got some disc tangled up in it, I don’ know. But it started as a dare. “Yo, if you can get that disc out of there you can take this machine home and use it.” So I took it as a challenge. Great, ok, I got the disc out and he was: “Great, take it home.”

So I took it home for a weekend, no manual or anything, just based on ‘alright, I’m going to make this thing work’. So I made four tracks and left a message on Jay Dee’s voicemail, saying: “This is what I did, I know it’s kind of wack but check it.” So I played them on his answering machine and he called me back immediately. “What was that?” I was: “That’s just something I was messing around with.” “That’s pretty good man, play it again.” I was thinking I might have something here, let me re-evaluate this.

So after that I had the encouragement from my crew. “Yo, you could really do some things with this.” I locked myself in my apartment for a year. No, I’m telling you man, I had this big willie lumberjack beard. It was wild! So I locked myself in my apartment for a year, every day, chopping up records. My schedule would be getting up late afternoon because I’d always be up late at night, into the morning.

So I’d say: “You knock out two beats and you can get a glass of water.” For real. I’d have this military voice in my ear telling me to knock out these two beats so I could get a glass of water. I’d be thirsty, thinking: “Damn man, I’ve got to knock out these beats fast.” So I’d knock out two tracks and before I could get up the voice would say: “Ok, make another one, then you can get the glass of water.”

Wajeed told this story last night, and added that he got that stuck disc out in about 5 seconds flat, cos he'd been to college - he went for 7 years, and studied a variety of things, including doing jewellery, so he had excellent steady fingers etc.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ring the alarm playlist, BaseFM, saturday April 8
Dod G - Musical rights dub
Lloyd Charmers - Look-ka py py
Manzel - Sugar dreams (Kenny Dope remix)
Nightmares on wax - Damn
Jackie Wilson - Light my fire
Roy Ayers - Touch of class (Matthew Herbert Touch of ass rmix)
Jackie Mittoo - chicken and booze
Junior Murvin -Roots train
Junior Reid - Bubblin
Dilated Peoples feat Capleton - Fire power
ESG - Moody (spaced out)
Barrington levy - Dances are changing
Skatalites - Phoenix city (playing in Auckland april 21)
Bob Marley - Mr chatterbox
Scientist - No dub island
Damian Marley - Move
Faith Evans - Mesmerised
Gladys Knight and the Pips - On and on (Local music journo Graham Reid recalls an encounter with Gladys Knight here... "Talent with talons")
Parlet - Pleasure principle
Ddub - The flow
Ddub interview with singer Derek Browne
Roots Combination - Spoony bill
OJays - 992 arguments
Fat Freddys Drop - Wandering eye - Fitchie's Re-rub
Bande Do role - Melo do tobaco (Atrak remix)