Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ruby Suns US tour goes up in flames
Just saw this on Gareth Shute's LJ, very sad news ... send em some love, why dontcha?

"After completing a show at SXSW and 7 other shows of their 18 date tour, Ryan McPhun & the Ruby Suns' travels were brought to an abrupt end after their van's engine caught fire whilst they were on route to Seattle. All of the members of the band managed to escape from the burning vehicle without injury, yet all their personal belongings and instruments were destroyed by the fire which quickly engulfed their motor home. A photo of the burning vehicle can be seen at:
The five members of the band - Ryan McPhun, Amee Robinson, Mark Stebben, James Dansey (from the Sneaks), and Olivia Kember (TVNZ reporter) - were given somewhere to sleep for the night by one of the firemen who came to attend the blaze (who happened to be a New Zealander!).

Amee has remarked of the tragedy: "We all literally have nothing. I was wearing a skirt and a t-shirt, my roman sandles, and a scarf. My passport, wallet, sax, keys, cameras, film, clothes etc do not exist anymore. So we had to stop at wall mart to buy some clothes to keep warm. This has meant that our tour is pretty much over - very prematurely. We might be able to pull off some shows that were booked towards the end - depending on how the insurance stuff works out. A friend is on his way here now to pick us up (we were meant to meet him in Seattle tonight - where we were going to play a show). But he is coming here - it will be good to see him. I'm glad we are all alive and unharmed."

You can read more on the tragic events in the Tri-City Herald (Washington).

Monday, March 27, 2006

Groovy bread.
Found this via random googling for stills from the new bio-pic on Betti Page... Check out the wicked syncopated dance moves from Freddie and Larry, and the killer band. Then wait for the last bit of footage, the show's presenter comes out to present the winners of the best new act for 1968 to Sly and the Family Stone, and hands over the $10,000 cheque, saying "that's some groovy bread". Right on, man. Hat tip to bedazzled. You'll need a fast connection for this; 32mb file.

SlyohiostateSly & The Family Stone at The Ohio State Music Fair 1968
"Get ready for a bunch of Sly & The Family Stone video. I just picked up a new 2 dvd "silver" bootleg of Sly stuff and there's a bunch of cool stuff I had never seen before. Here's them winning $10,000.00 at The Ohio State Music Fair in 1968. Sly & The Family Stone at The Ohio State Music Fair 1968 .mov Sly & The Family Stone at The Ohio State Music Fair 1968 .mov.m4v
Sly Stone's official website
Family Stone website
Freddie Stone's official website

(fixed the links now)

Comingfourth games closes.
So, I tuned in for the closing of the Commonwealth Games last night on the tele - started with some guy playing guitar way above the MCG stadium, being lowered in, flames shooting out of the end of his guitar, then that well-known Oz rock band Grinspoon launched into one of their songs which droned on and on. Then they entranced us with a second song. You know Grinspoon, they're that Aussie band you studiously avoided last time you went to the Big Day Out. With good reason.
Next we got Paul Kelly and band (from the ridonkulous to the sublime), he even managed to pull out a song that referenced the MCG in the lyrics, all class. The NZ commentators noted that Mr Kelly was a veteran of the Oz music scene and a fixture in Melbourne, and that there would have been an outcry if he hadn't been included. I started to wonder if the organisers might include some other local talent, like that up and coming Melbourne band Shihad. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Then we got fey little Ben Lee singing "We're all in this together" (did you know he used to date Claire Danes? That's the most interesting thing about him), and Oz dance act Bodyrockers and their one hit wonder "I like the way you move", which was dull as dishwater, and I gave up.

My fave Commonwealth Games TV moment had to be the tv newsreader sports guy on TV3, who intro'd his piece late last week by lamenting NZ being just out of the medals in another event yet again, with the line "If only there were medals for coming fourth."

I think they call that one the Losing Losers award for being a Big Fat Loser. It's made of tin.

Pictured above - Tony Blair's missus is bored out of her skull by the closing ceremony. Guess she's not a Grinspoon fan, then.
Ring the alarm playlist, BaseFM, saturday 25 March
Roots radics and King Tubby - Patrolling
Cornell Cambell - Rope in
Nightmares on wax - The sweetest
Jah screw - Juks and watch dub
Jackie Mittoo - Champion of the arena
Freddie Kruger - Simply fresh
Grace Jones -My jamaican guy
Bob Marley - Stand up jamrock (Ashley Beedle re-edit)
Thes One and Rashaan Ahmad -Doin it
Tony Allen - One tree
Jstar -Bye Bye Barb (http://myspace.com/jstarmusic)
Kraftwerk - Electro kardiogramm
Fat Freddy's Drop - Wandering Eye - Fitchies instrumental mix
DJ C and Debaser - Crazy baldheads
Kingites - Whistling in the dark
Turbulence - Doesn't really matter
Jean Jacques Perry - EVA
Cymande - Brothers on the slide
Go home productions - Alicia vs Stevie - Karmastition (get it from Myspace.com/markvidlerGHP)
Prince - Black sweat
King Floyd (RIP) -Groove me (read more about him here and here)
Border crossing - searching for Mr Manuva
Gainsboot manuva - Locaitaires Colossaux
Dod G - Trojan soap (check it here)
Yush 2K - fade away
Big Youth - Feed a nation
Candi Staton - Many moods of love
DJ Format -Here comes the fuzz (Quartertones remix)