Friday, September 30, 2005

Nice one.
The Music Industry Commission has organised some great seminars for Monday and Tuesday next week, on Music Export. More info here. Now, there are about 10 musicians in this country who make a full-time living off of their music, and the rest of us have day jobs - so why the hell have the MIC scheduled these seminars during the day???? Didn't they research their target market??? Bloody useless.... Scuse the rant, but I was stoked to hear about these seminars, and I can't go.
Later. What a stink week. Someone crashed into my car in the parking building too. Bloody hate cars...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Forget Oreos, eat Cool J cookies
I love Oreos, but then there's shows like this. The VH1 Hip-hop Honors show was on US tv a few nights back, there's a bunch of clips here. only works in IE tho (and you'll need a fast connection to watch the clips).
Check out old school legend Big Daddy Kane coming on after TI and Common have had a go at a few of his tunes - he absloutely kills it, even busts a few moves at the end. Salt n Pepa are looking mighty fine too.

O-Dub writes it up in his post here... "...While the performances were uneven during Big Daddy Kane's set, the dancing was off the chain. Seriously, f--- the "Lean Back." They need to bring back hyperactive, hip-house body pyrotechnics. That bit at the end with Kane joined with Scoob (where's Scrap at?) was arguably the best moment of the entire evening. (And big up to the Roots for playing back-up band to full effect. Ahmir Thompson has not a bad life. Oh no.).." Nastack and Cocaine Blunts covered it too. Check out Common breaking during the Kane set, does some fine windmills.

for all you people who like old bastards... from Brooklyn Vegan...

No Direction Home is the new documentary about Bob Dylan by director Martin Scorcese. Last night I watched the first commercial-free two hours on PBS. I can't wait to watch part two tonight (Sept 27, 2005 from 9-11PM).

No Direction Home * For a recap of part one, images included, check out Starf***er's Music Blog
* Buy the DVD at Amazon.
* They have the soundtrack too.
* PBS has more info and a clip
* Roger Ebert gives it four stars
* Get Bob Dylan MP3s
* Get Cloud Cult's cover of Mr. Tambourine Man

also, from Stereogum... "Did you catch Part I of Scorsese's Dylan doc on PBS last night? Some incredible archival footage of Bob's influences. Odetta, Woody Guthrie, John Jacob Niles, Liam Clancy, Allen Ginsberg, Dave Van Ronk, Joan Baez, Bob Neuwirth, Paul Clayton, Gregory Corso, Big Joe Williams ... still with me? No?
Well, the good news is Part II (tonight) is supposedly the funny part, chronicling the press conferences where reporters asked Bob questions so clueless, the songwriter went into exile for seven years.
A sampling from Editor & Publisher (via Gawker):

REPORTER: You don't sing protest songs anymore.
:All my songs are protest songs. All I do is protest.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Suck on your glasses.
DYLAN: You want me to suck on my glasses?
PHOTOGRAPHER: Just suck your glasses.
DYLAN: Do YOU want to suck my glasses?

REPORTER: How many other protest singers exist?
DYLAN: About 136.
REPORTER: You say about 136—-or exactly 136?
DYLAN: Either 136 or 142.

Click here to watch (Realplayer) a clip from last night's show - Dylan performing "Leopard Skin Pill-Box Hat" in Dublin, 5/2/66.

...and for all you Radiohead fans eagerly awaiting their new album, Thom Yorke is blogging, hold your excitement...

"i dont know. what do people write in blogs normally?
i could write about how im finding it difficult to finish lyrics.
that there are giant waves of self doubt crashing over me and if i could allieviate this with a simple pill ...
i think i would

although it is a necessary part of the procedure. but that would be dull wouldnt it?

i could write about watching V festival.. how i thought Dizzee Rascal stole it..

or ponder the imminent energy crises that awaits us even before our governments get their arse in gear over climate change.

or how amazing the sky is outside with the moon hiding behind fast moving clouds and the bats swooping close to your head.

which? hmm

i have absolutely no idea what i am talking about."

Just like most bloggers. Nice one.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Zane Lowe swears into trouble....
more here. The warning at the start of his Most Punk show back in June, delivered by an old lady... "Hello ladies, boys and girls, I thought that you might like to know - in the spirit of punk rock – the following show includes, what we often refer to as language. So if, like me, you are offended by such words and phrases as: arse; bollocks; tit...." and on and on. Mr Lowe will be in town for the NZ Music Awards on October 5, and is playing with Breaks Co-op on Oct 7.

AK is a ghetto
The Auckland inner-city ghetto is coming sooner than you think. Proof? Read this. "Recent Department of Labour statistics reveal new student levels have dropped from 30,486 in 2003 to just 17,488 in 2005. Many of these students were being accommodated in Aucklands CBD within close proximity of many language schools, several which have since closed. Even more alarming is the large reduction in Chinese student numbers from 14,100 in 2003 to 2,700 in 2005. Many of these students were located in and around Aucklands CBD." The apartment market is flooded - 12,00o completed, 4,000 under construction, and 3,000 in planning stages.

Listen to the Fugees "Take It Easy" - the comeback starts here.
Village Voice on The Fugees: Reunited and Not Very Good.
"... Take It Easy" is nearly six minutes long, and it ends in a minute and a half of Wyclef guitar noodling. Turns out that a Fugees reunion wasn't really what anyone was waiting for; we just wanted Lauryn to start rapping again. Maybe we'll get another Lauryn solo album someday."

Monday, September 26, 2005

Image of people listening to audio (Image: Vismedia)

spotted on BBC News website..."Radio has its eye on podcasters"

the photo caption says "You never know what people are listening to on iPods nowadays" - well, we Antipodeans know, it's them dudes from Steriogram, right? Article makes no mention of the band at all. Nice photo op tho. What's wrong with his finger?

Final cut is the deepest (From the Guardian)
Improvised on the spot or months in the planning, a great promo can give a song life after the charts. Sam Delaney talks to directors about their favourite clips... Link

DCist's interview with Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation. "Honestly, we have pretty simple criteria: no tobacco, fast food, soda, defense contractors, corporate media giants, or energy companies. We have licensed a song once to a big bank; that was probably crossing the line."
Ring the alarm playlist, BaseFM, Saturday September 24.
Toots and the Maytals -Funky Kingston
Bim Sherman – Just like a King
Jah Screw - Juks and watch dub
Fred Wesley and the JBs – You can have your Watergate but give me some bucks and I’ll be straight
George McCrae - I got lifted (Mischief brew re-edit)
Damian Marley feat Bounty killer and Eeek-a-mouse - Khaki suit
Boozoo Bajou feat Willie Hutch (RIP) - Treat me
Jackie Mittoo - Chicken and booze
Che Fu – ET research
Ranking Joe - Don’t follow Babylon (BAF meets Waiwan remix)
Lyn Taitt - Stepping up
J-Live - Aw yeah
Roy Ayers - Holiday (DJ Spinna remix)
Salmonella Dub - Loop 7 (DLT remix)
The Katzenjammers - Cars
Archie Shepp - Blues for Brother George Jackson (Mondo Grasso remix)
Donovan Carless – Be thankful
Damian Marley - All night
Fugees - Fu-gee-la (Sly n Robbie remix)
DJ Format – Black cloud
Ballistic Brothers - Prophecy reveal
Infinite Livez - Intchaa (Blufoot vs Jstar remix)
Perfect - Hand cart boy (ever heard a song that mentions the vegetable Bok Choy in its chorus? This is it!)
King Tubby & Roots Radics – Caring for my sister
Nextmen feat Dynamite MC - Blood fire
DJ C and Quality Diamond - Let it Billie (jungle mix)
Joe Gibbs - Chapter two
Blackalicious - Rhythm sticks
Miri Ben-ari - Play chillin in the key of E