Friday, August 19, 2005

Vodafone channels 80s pop weirdos - sighted on Queen st, Friday, 1.52pm
Way back in the late 80s I remember seeing San Francisco fruitloops the Residents play at the Powerstation (or as it was then called, the Galaxy). They are famous for always playing in disguise, so that no-one knows who they really are.
On this particular tour, they had their huge eyeball head masks, except one of the four members had their mask stolen in Oz, so was wearing some other disguise. And lookee here! Vodafone have their latest promotion happening on Queen st right about now, and they've nabbed the giant eyeball concept (see above pic). The Residents photo below is from a recent live show in Melbourne.

and while I remember, had a peek in Real Groovy (Auckland) at lunchtime - someone has sold off a huge collection of seven inch singles, and there are some serious old goodies in there - tunes by the OJays, Michael Jackson/The Jacksons, Stevie Wonder (scored Masterblaster/Jammin with Masterblaster Dub on the b side, and it's got the picture sleeve and Lionrock - Rude Boy Rock), Kool and the Gang, Spinners, Latimore, Dee Dee Sharpe (in original TSOP label sleeve) Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan.. there's a bunch of reggae sevens too, which is why you'll find all the above in the Reggae section.

Going out west
"Commercials are an unnatural use of my work... it's like having a cow's udder sewn to the side of my face. Painful and humiliating."
- Tom Waits, who has just discovered that a Scandinavian car ad uses a Tom Waits sound-alike, after he refused to let them use his music. (source) "The singer is notoriously against artists using their work in adverts. As he said of another famous performer, "If Michael Jackson wants to work for Pepsi, why doesn't he just get himself a suit and an office in their headquarters and be done with it."

Via Coolfer... Devo Mulling First Album Since 1990. ( And why shouldn't they mull an album? Everybody from The Dead Boys to Dinosaur Jr. have made this year's concert calendar look like an ad for an adult diaper. This year's Lollapolooza was particularly aimed at the "I hate emo, what else do you have for me?" 30-something crowd. Hey, bands that are considering regrouping and making a record, just because Starbucks is selling records to an older demo doesn't guarantee you a shot at the prized "adult mocha dollar."

from an interview with DJ Z-Trip...
Q. How does a mix-DJ like yrself stay fresh in an I-Podded universe?
A. I go digging for these things called “records”. That always keeps me fresh. And deodorant doesn’t hurt either.

also from Melbourne mag The Beat...
iTunes has exploded in Japan: after it launched there on August 4, it sold a million downloads in four days, and not seven days as expected.
Meantime over in New Zealand Apple has bought the domain name from Dunedin businessman Dave Goosselink who first registered the address to sell iPods through US book seller ...
Despite reports, Yahoo Oz won’t release its local music download service until next year ... The Times reports that because downloading is a “male” thing, HMV in the UK is starting to offer tuition to women on how to download.

"Midgets, Lesbians, and Motley Crue"
The Village Voice reviews a recent Crue live show...
"Don't f*cking shake your head at me," Tommy Lee yelled at me. This was during the Tittie Cam segment of the Mötley Crüe show, when the band takes a camcorder to the crowd, shaming breasts until they're fully exposed up on three megascreens. Breasts - whatever. I know about those. What I was fucking shaking my head at was the girl who had stripped down to panties, waiting for the camera with her left breast generously stuffed into her own mouth. She was also bouncing such that her right breast swung violently into her right arm..."

ADDED: via NZ Musician...
"A dedicated group of Kiwi sound techs have established a non-profit online forum website at specifically for anyone working in sound and/or music - production and post. The site is in its early stages of development with moderators so far including:
Tim Prebble (sound designer) Ray Beentjes (dialog editor) Tony Johnson (location sound) Paul Isaacs (Sound Techniques) David Donaldson (Composer, Plan 9) Rob Paris (Protel)
While the most active sections of the forum so far are location sound and post production, long time NZM contributor (and highly regarded film sound designer) Tim Prebble hopes it will be balanced with more music content over time.
"Ideally the forum can be a way of sharing information between us all and I personally believe film presents some unique opportunities for many of the musicians & engineers/producers who read NZ Musician." The forum is located at ".

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Whose house?
Rev Run of Run DMC has a new single out on his brother's new label (Russell Simmons Music Group) called 'Mind on the road' (listen here), ties in with his appearance in a new reality tv show called Run's House, and as far as comeback tunes go, it kicks. Recalls that classic early Def Jam/Rick Rubin production sound, big rock guitars, loud ass drums, and throws in a sample from Joan Jett. What's not to like? I saw the video on C4 Premieres last night, Run has even got Donald Trump guesting in his vid.

Creativity, not concentration.
"Creativity is essential for innovation and progress. To flourish creativity requires diversity, plurality, fair competition and an open society.

80% of music and films distributed in the world is now tied up in the hands of a few multinationals. Recently a new giant SonyBMG was created with the blessing of the anti-trust authorities on both sides of the Atlantic. The market for cultural goods and services has become oligopolistic with two companies - SonyBMG and Universal - controlling more than 60% of the global music market - the Pepsi/Coke of music. Not even the biggest independent has 1%. This level of concentration works like cholesterol."
This campaign for cultural diversity is being run by IMPALA, the indie labels organisation in UK/Europe. More here.

FFD Chart Watch
Fat Freddy's Drop move from #10 to #12, Anika Moa's 2nd week slips from #6 too #8, that little poppet Hayley Westernra is at #1, and no sign of Shihad returning to the top 40 yet. Sola Rosa move in at #26, first week in.

Anyone know how to stop spam hitting the comments in Blogger?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pop music is killing home taping.
In The SST, NZ Idol judge and former music exec Paul Ellis says that NZ Idol is about instant celebrity, admitting that last years's winner had produced an album that was rubbish (still sold a truckload tho, right?). He makes the point that the winners had hardly any understanding of the workings of the music industry, and that Ben Lummis had only just started to gain some insight into how it works in the last few weeks, since he's been dropped by his record company. Gosh. It's about creating TV spectacle, nothing more.

NZ Idol's CD 'crap' - manager
15 August 2005 Sunday Star Times
Last year's New Zealand Idol winner, Ben Lummis, locked himself in a TVNZ bathroom and refused to let his manager, Idol judge Paul Ellis, hear his first album because it was so terrible, Ellis has revealed.
The singer was depressed after making what Ellis calls "the worst-sounding album of my entire career" with a company, Sony BMG, which didn't care.
"You don't make a record in 15 days and then have it in the shops," says Ellis, who is also judging this year's competition. "It was crap. It was heartbreaking. I don't blame the producer, I don't blame the record company, I don't blame Ben or myself. It was the time constraint."
In an interview in Sunday magazine today, Ellis says despite Sony BMG dumping Lummis this year, he will stick by him "because he's a great guy". But he admits he would never have worked with Lummis if it hadn't been for his Idol win.
"If he had walked into my office he would have been rejected straight away. "Ben had good intentions from the people who care. TVNZ cares. I care. BMG doesn't care."

From the ridiculous to the sublime - also in the SST, Tom Bailey of International Observer interviewed (archived here) - "Kanye West meets the Beach Boys." This Grey Album-esque remix project produced by Lush Life (who he?) blends Kanye West and the immortal Pet Sounds. Spine ain't feeling it but the "All Falls Down" re-rub is a near-masterpiece IMHO and the "Get Em High" sounds real good too," says Different kitchen.

Speaking of mashups, Go Home Productions has a bunch of em up now, for download... my faves are Eminem/Grover Washington ands Shannon/Rolling Stones....

Go Home Productions 'Popular Art Too' Promo CD (2003)
This compilation rounded up everything post 'Daft Britney', up until early 2003. Including a couple of tracks made under thinly disguised names. All tracks have been remastered.
For info about the tracks, refer to the bootlegs/mash section. Next month I'll upload the 'Remixology' mix for WFMU from 2003.

MORZEPPELIN >Morcheeba / Led Zep / CCS


LAZY KELLY'S PAPA Xpress2 ft D.Byrne / Kelly Osborne

DAYTRIP TO HEAVEN Belinda Carlisle / The Beatles

IF YOUR GIRL WAS STONED Aaliyah / The Stone Roses

HAPPY BEHAVIOUR Bjork / Mary J Blige

2 MONTHS IN A DISCO The Trammps / Underworld

I DREAM OF PUSSY Khia / I Dream Of Genie

AIN'T NO SUNSHINE IN MY CLOSET Eminem / Grover Washington


Prodigy / The Osmonds

Justin Timberlake / Blondie


DIRRTY MAGIC Xtina / Grover Washington

Justin Timberlake / Scritti Politti

ULTRATHIN Ultra Nate / Thin Lizzy

LET THE MUSIC GIMME SHELTER Shannon / Rolling Stones

BEASTIE KETCHUP Beastie Boys / Las Ketchup

English Cheddar Produce
BEYONCE ABOUT THE HOUSE Beyonce / Man About The House

CRAIG DAVES FLAVA Craig David / Dave Allen

David Lange, RIP
TV One's Mark Sainsbury summed it up on Sunday night, introducing his interview with David Lange. He said if you are too young to remember David Lange as Prime Minister, you don't know what you're missing. Seeing the extended clips of Lange's Oxford Union speech was wonderful -what a fantastic speaker. I interviewed him on BFM a few weeks after the first election under MMP, in 1996. He answered the phone by simply stating his name, which threw me for a moment - holy crap, it's David Lange! During the interview he was very scathing of MMP, suggesting that he was glad that he wasn't still in parliament under this new sytem. Remember, at this point Winston Peters was holding the country to ransom while he played 'kingmaker', and Peters dragged this out for a total of 9 weeks.

In more recent comments, Mr Lange praised Helen Clark for making MMP work during his recent interview on Campbell Live, as RB noted "Lange offered his verdict on Helen Clark with grace and good humour. She had, he said, stabilised an MMP environment that had been collapsing: "without once falling prey to the idea that she did so through charm."

David Lange's valedictory speech on his departure from Parliament in 1996 is worth a read - the Herald have an edited verion here, and thanks to a poster (MB) in the comments at DPF's blog, here's the full text.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ring The Alarm, Base FM, Saturday August 13 playlist

Jimmy London – I'm your puppet
U Roy and Francois K - Rootsman
International Observer - Low light meter
Ray Terrace - Cuchi frito man
Curtis Mayfield – Do do wap is strong in here
Prince Fari - Good music brother
Mike Brooks – Children of Babylon
Nightmares on wax - Ethnic majority
The eternals – Queen of the minstrels
Boozoo Bajou feat Top Cat – Killer
Sugarman Three – Cherry pickin
Rhianna – Pon de replay
Bounty Killer, Swizz, Freddy McKay – Bounty is a treasure
Timmy Thomas – Why can't we live together?
League Unlimited Orchestra - Love action
Sola Rosa – Breezes blowing
Elephantman - Chapter a day (Real rock return riddim)
Temptations – Plastic man
Boca 45 – La bombonera
Shirley Ellis, Beenieman, Ms Thing – Clapping dude song (noisy bunch edit)
Jackie Mittoo – Moon walk
Alton Ellis – I'm just a guy
Amadou and Mariam feat Manu Chao – Senegal fast food
Kanye West – Gold digger
Dancing Djedi – Body surfin (Mos Def & Ernest Ranglin)
Katzenjammers - Cars (Gary Numan on steel drums – ace! Reissued on Red Hook)
Freddie Cruger feat Desmond Foster - Something good
Turbulence - Notorious