Friday, August 12, 2005

Bo Diddley

"You got to get yourself some velcro," Bo Diddley advises.
"What?" I ask.
"For your phone."
My cell phone had just slipped out of my hand and landed on the carpet of his room at the Washington Square Hotel in downtown Manhattan. And Diddley is quick to leap into action with a solution.
"Yeah, Velcro's got rough edges and you can just attach it to the side of your phone so you can keep your grip on it." He stretches his legs and points to them. "Look here!" hecontinues. His left foot is swollen from the amputation of two toes due to recent diabetes complications, and he's fashioned two long strips of Velcro to secure a slipper to his instep.
"That's how it's done," he says, smiling proudly.

Bo Diddley interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine. If you don't own at least one Bo Diddley CD, you aint really living.

Muppetpastor has 'WTF Cover Versions' up, including David Byrne doing Whitney's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody". And the question is, why?

Found this via Coolfer - the Rhythm Incursion show podcast from Resonance FM in London - more podcasts and show downloads here (big files tho)

Salman Rushdie checks out MIA in Central Park, from The Fader... "There was an announcement from the stage that Sunday’s free MIA show at Central Park was the biggest crowd turnout for SummerStage all year. We don’t doubt it. White dudes doing the Grateful Dead twirly dance, cute girls with enormous sunglasses, even cuter hipster infants, Arto Lindsay and Salman Rushdie - everyone was getting down to the sounds of our homegirl on one of the clearest, breeziest days this summer..."

Comic artist Dan Clowes (Ghost World, Eightball) interviewed here. Ghost World was turned into a pretty cool movie - he's got a new one on the way, starring Angelica Huston and John Malkovich, called Art School Confidential.

Amadou and Mariam interviewed in the New York Times (requires registration, or archived over here). Their album Dimanche A Bamoko (audio samples here) is rapidly becoming one of my faves for 2005.

FFD Chart Watch - After bouncing back from #10 to #6, FFD fall back this week to #10 (14th week in the chart). Shihad still outside the top 40.

More Bo Diddley wisdom to finish...
"I tell young musicians, 'Don't trust nobody but your mama,' " he says as we leave the hotel and slide into the back seat of a car. "And even then, look at her real good."

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Now hear this.
Grabbed a cd reissue of Rock For Light by Bad Brains from Sounds, of all places. They are having a 'collector's sale, featuring rarities, imports, and interesting stuff', which translates as marketing-speak for lets get rid of that wierd indie crap that we never move. I aint complaining - Bad Brains for sixteen bucks. Sweet.

Also been listening to the latest album from Recloose (Detroit native now based on Kapiti Coast) called Hiatus on the Horizon, tasty stuff. You've probably heard his tune 'Dust' on the radio, features Dallas from Fat Freddy's Drop on vox. “A sophomore LP, ranging from edgy techno-inspired club tracks, to ska-laden rhythms and downtempo soul.” says Straight No Chaser Magazine. So there. And the new album from International Observer is pretty choice too, if you like laid back electro-dub, which I do.

Miles sent me a lovely email saying nice things about my blog, bless his cotton socks -he's got his own blog on the joys of commuting via Auckland's fraught train system, it's worth a lookee...

Here's a handful of MP3's on the theme of answer records via WFMU - example...
Carole King: Oh! Neil - Answer to Neil Sedaka's Oh! Carol
Sonny Wright: I'll Come Home A' Drinkin' - Answer to Loretta Lynn's Don't Come Home A-Drinkin'
The Bar-Kays: Son of Shaft - Answer to Isaac Hayes' Theme From Shaft
Paul Peek: Brother In-Law (He's A Mooch) - Answer to Ernie K-Doe's Mother-In-Law

You get the idea? Check it.

Shameless plug
Caught this twisted new UK comedy/drama called Shameless on Prime TV last night (screens Monday round 9.45pm). The premise goes like this... "The critically acclaimed and brilliantly funny drama from award-winning writer Paul Abbott features the Chatsworth Estate's Gallaghers, probably the UK's most dysfunctional family.

Head of the family, Frank, embarks on a series of adventures with his remarkably well-balanced children Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl and Liam - not forgetting the seventh kid on the way with Frank's valium-fuelled lover, Sheila.

Shameless is packed with sex, drugs, gratuitous violence, love and scams. Chaos ensues with more tales of how one extraordinary family goes about its normal everyday life." It's set in the ugly confines of a Manchester housing estate. Here's some of the characters...

FRANK GALLAGHER (David Threlfall)
Age 42. Roaring drunk, colourful, angry and self-pitying, Frank's the biggest kid of the family.

Age 20. The feisty eldest sister, she’s bright, sassy and craving a bit of adventure in her life.

Age 16. Mouthy, adolescent and extremely intelligent – a dangerous combination. Lip has two obsessions – to lose his virginity and to escape the Chatsworth Estate.

STEVE (James McAvoy)
Age 23. Cool, handsome, charming, with a steady job (car thief). Once a medical student, he comes from a nice middle-class background.

IAN GALLAGHER (Gerard Kearns)
Age 15. Keeps his private life very private - you don’t let on you’re gay on the Chatsworth Estate.

VERONICA (Maxine Peake)
Age 30. She’s the Gallagher’s neighbour and Fiona’s best mate. Calls herself a nurse but was actually a cleaner in the local hospital.

KEV (Dean Lennox Kelly)
Age 33. Good old dependable Kev is Veronica’s long-term boyfriend. He works in the local pub, loves Veronica and keeps getting embroiled in the Gallagher’s scams.

KASH (Chris Bisson)
Age 35. Runs the local mini mart. Kash is a hard-working, married, Muslim father of two. And he’s having a love affair with his under-age shop assistant.

I've also been perservering with Outrageous Fortune, which aint a million miles away from Shameless in terms of it's premise. This local comedy/drama focuses on the ups and downs of a westie family, and no matter how often I watch it, there are no signs of life. Not funny, not engaging - put it this way - Shameless is like Outrageous Fortune, but good.
Diana Wichtel in The Listener suggested that "unlike The Insiders Guide to Happiness, Outrageous Fortune is not another great leap forward for local TV drama. The sad thing is that it clearly could have been."
And did you see Hayley Westernra's rack on the news last night? Wow.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Ring The Alarm, playlist Saturday August 6, BaseFM with guest DJ Big Matt
Le Peuple De L'Herbe - Delice
DJ Zeph - Underscore
Braintax - Escuchame
Cool Hip Noise - Kama Kove
Fat Freddy's Drop - Roady
Freestylers - Weekend Song
Dublex ft Wayne Martin - She'll Stay (Watch-TV Cajun Remix)
Omar - It's So
Chaka Domu & Volcov - Souljah
Cool Hip Noise - C'Mon Family
Prince Fatty - Nina's Dance
The Congos - Solid Foundation
I Roy - Hot Stuff
The Rulers - Copasetic
Wackies Dub Crew - City Line
Jimmy McGriff - The Worm
Claus Ogerman - El Watusi
Gentleman June Gardener - It's Gonna Rain
Ju-Par Universal Orchestra - Chicago Calypso
Notch - Bueno (incl NYC re-lick)
Ms Dynamite - Why Try
UKJ's - Moutamassi
Merciless & Born Jamericans - Cyaan Done
Gregory Isaacs - Do Lord
The Wailers & DJ Wong Chu - Keep On Moving

Thanks to Big Matt for filling in, mucho appreciated!
Kate Sylvester: fashion designer, art thief.
In case you missed this, Kate Sylvester got her husband to lift some artwork off a hoarding in Kinglsand. He paid the construction site workers a few beers for the wood, and nothing to the artist who created the stencil art. F*ckers.

"Who owns street art? Anyone who has the gall to take it home, apparently. A Kingsland artwork created for public enjoyment has found its way into the hands of one of New Zealand's top clothing designers, who has hung it in her studio.

Artist Kurt Ensor's [stencilled] image of a leather-clad, bass-wielding Helen Clark disappeared from outside a Kingsland construction site. The next time Ensor saw his Punk's Not Dead artwork, it was in a Next magazine article, pictured hanging in the studio of designer Kate Sylvester. The 2m stencilled artwork had been put up on hoardings on New North Rd, Kingsland.
"When I heard someone had taken it away so they could own and enjoy it to the detriment of everyone else, I thought it was really uncool."

Next said Sylvester's husband, Wayne Conway, got the art from the construction site in exchange for some beer for the workers.

Sylvester said: "To me, stencils are graffiti, just like tagging. It could have just as easily been posted or tagged over the same night. It's transient and there's no ownership involved. To me, graffiti is just graffiti."

Elliot O'Donnell, a director of graffiti art business Disruptiv, said: "Although the artwork is on someone else's property, without direct permission, the intellectual property belongs to the artist no matter what. You'd expect them to try and track down the artist if they had respect for what the artist had done."

Intellectual property specialist and lawyer Karen Soich said Sylvester should have known better.
"As an artist herself, she of all people should respect the intellectual property of others."