Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Truth About...
We're watching TV3 last night, and during the ads there's this promo for a documentary coming up on TV3 - shots of pills, vegetables and food, with voiceovers asking "Are vitamins safe? Do I need to take supplements? Isn't fresh food enough?" Then on comes the voice of authority saying "watch The Truth About Vitamins on..." Is this sheeeet for real?
So here's some other imaginary doco ideas we came up with... The Truth About Lamps, The Truth About Feet, The Truth About Glass, The Truth About Kneecaps, The Truth About French Fries (they're from Belgium)... Feel free to add your own ideas, I'd love to hear them.
Just don't be surprised if they end up on TV when some overzealous researcher from TVland surfs by and steals them, ah, I mean creatively acquires them.

Iraq, Inc.: A Profitable Occupation
is the name of a book by journalist Pratap Chatterjee. Here's a few excerpts about the book- here and here.

"Iraq, Inc. introduces us to the former soldiers and police officers lured to the conflict zone by offers of high pay from companies including Blackwater and DynCorp. Yet, as illustrated by the private contractors hired to interrogate prisoners at Abu Ghraib, recruits often lack the expertise and training required to meet basic human rights standards in occupied Iraq. Further, the author investigates several other shadowy companies operating in Iraq and reveals the failures of the psychological warfare firm SAIC to run the Al Iraqiyah radio and television network, an American sanctioned Iraqi "free press." Such ironies, Chatterjee suggests, are not lost on the Iraqis even as they are unknown to the American public.

In the concluding chapter, the author describes the company hired to run elections for Iraq, the most plausible American exit strategy. Yet, Chatterjee shows that this very company is importing Mormon preachers and disgraced city officials from Texas to impose an election system that ignores basic principles of democracy."

Chatterjee tells the Berkely Daily Planet that “In the first Gulf War one in 100 ‘boots on the ground,’ as they call it, was a private contractor.” When the U.S. invaded and occupied Iraq in 2003, one in 10 was a private contractor. “Today, as we speak and the U.S. is launching a war in Falluja, one in four ‘boots on the ground’ is a private contractor.”
Tip of the hat to Jeff Chang.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Everything's gone green
Like my new seasonal look? Grey just wasn't working for me - I was reliably informed that it was the new black, but that now appears to be grossly incorrect. Grey is the new brown. And there's only 23 shopping days til Xmas, ha ha. Here's something to do if you get stuck in a mall...

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Read til it hurts, baby.

Copped these via Beats n Rants. Worth a lookee.

Mr. Babylon -
Do you really want to know how fucked up our kids are? Then check out Robert's weblog, Mr. Babylon. Robert is a school teacher at a shitty high school. His thoughts on teaching, kids and inner-city life are thought-provoking, and, at times, humorous. I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I read his posts. In the end, his words keep me coming back to his blog. Link him up now!

Music for America -
Hip-Hop is more than just getting crunk or droppin' it like it's hot. It's also a movement to inspire social change. Hip-hopper DL Chandler mixes hip-hop with social commentary/consciousness. That's a hard feat to achieve on a blog, and DL does it with such wit and insight. Whenever you have free time, visit his blog and read what he has to say.

Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage -
Pop music/culture writer Sean Fennessey has the one job that I would love to have -- he's the staff writer at Complex magazine, one of the best music/gear/style magazines on the newsstands, right now. I'm not going to playa hate on him, though, because he has a cool blog. (I still want his gig.

The Fabolous and Funky World of a Diva -
All you divas out there don't have a thing on Jazz. She is a radio DJ who recently quit her job and is now in transition toward a new gig. She has plenty of drama in between as she tries to maneuver her way through in the male-dominated radio industry. A great coffee-break blog. Link her up.