Tuesday, June 15, 2004

DJ Sirvere did his Holla Hour show on C4 from New York this week - he and DJ Shan went there for the Hot 97 Summer Jam. Which means he got to see Alicia Keys, Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz, Jadakiss , Ludacris , Beanieman, Kanye West, Mobb Deep, Public Enemy, Naughty by Nature, 50 Cent and G Unit, you name it. According to this writer, Fifty didn't get much love from the crowd...

"Someone from the back told him his time on stage was up, and he said, "I ain't going nowhere, you're gonna have to send them niggas in the blue suits to get me off this stage." Then he continued to diss the crowd, saying, "R. Kelly's about to come out here and do 'Step, step, side to side,' and all that bullshit and you're gonna eat it up. But you can't show me no respect? I put in mad work for you, and right now you're not giving it back." He just kept going on and on until eventually everyone in the stadium started booing him."

Rest of the show sounds pretty choice tho.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Figure This Kids
"Gareth Shute's profile predicts he should look incongruous in this hip-hop setting. Aside from his scruffy preoccupation with popular culture, he is shy, Pakeha, plays bass in the Tokey Tones (a band described as "delicate"), writes poetry, works part-time as a librarian and volunteers at the Auckland City Mission.
He is also the author of new book Hiphop Music in Aotearoa, a comprehensive and beautifully designed homage to the rise of the local scene. He is also likely to bust out a back-spin at parties." Read more here. Real Groovy Auckland has copies instore.

Rest in peace Ray Charles.

If you're up bright and early on Saturday morning, check out my new radio show on BaseFM, 107.3 on your dial - broadcasting around central Auckland. I'm on from 10mm til midday, spinning reggae, downtempo and hiphop. They've getting streaming audio online soon -still testing it.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Hello Mcnaughty!
"Never has the piss been taken quite so adroitly and beautifully in New Zealand." - Anita McNaught on Eating Media Lunch, in the Herald. She's the UK correspondent for said tv show.
Did you see the (hoax) slaughtering of Shrek on EML? Outrageously funny. I mean, so TVNZ got 50 complaints, but its a bloody sheep! Who cares? We've got a several million of them! I hear that Shrek's owner has left an abusive message on Jeremey Wells cellphone, blasting the media star for his cavalier attitude towards this national icon. And Paul Holmes may be doing a story on it tonight.
And then there was EML's new reality tv show spoof, Celebrity Dog Bum Stare. You can bet someone in tvland is thinking about turning it into a series right now. If Jackass can fly, why not? Eating Media Lunch repeats tonight (Thursday) TV2 11.30pm.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Death, Taxes and Prozack...
is the brilliant name of album by US hiphop MC Prozack Turner, part of the group Foreign Legion. Thanks to the demise of his label Dreamworks, you will probably never hear it.
When I first came across this album title last year, I had to check out what it sounded like, just on the strength of the genius title. I managed to buy the Restaurant Quality Lemonade EP which was released as a promo for the ill-fated album; it's got some great tunes and rhymes on it, including a tasty Pete Rock production called Wonderful Life, where he rhymes about being a kid and buying his first records - Run DMC and Stray Cats. Prozack Turner's story goes like this...

After being courted by Virgin and DreamWorks, Turner happily signed a four-record deal with the latter in July 2002, and began recording tracks soon after. "I thought, 'This is cool, I'll put all my friends on the album. People are going to know that the Bay Area has really great stuff.'"
To that end, Turner recruited DJ Design and MC Marc Stretch from his group Foreign Legion, and enlisted local producers DJ Ray and Supa Dave West. He also flew to New York to work with legendary beat-maker Pete Rock and headed to Atlanta to collaborate with Organized Noize, best known for its production for OutKast and TLC.

For more, read the article at SFWeekly here.

"Every independent label [Foreign Legion] ever messed with has stole from us," he says. "Every person who had been my manager has fucked me over. I got sued for 10 grand by some manager. It's such a dirty business. I'm a real honest guy. It's a hard, hard business to be in, especially when you get so close to succeeding. I'm having meetings talking about Spike Jonze directing my music video. Six months later, I'm looking for a bartending job."

Still, the recording of his album had some high points...
..."I'm in New York, standing in the glass booth, and Pete Rock is on the other side about to record me," he remembers. "Even if the album never comes out, I made it. All the people who told me not to do it- 'You're not going to make it; you're white; you're from San Jose, the suburbs'- here I am with one of the illest cats. That was an emotional moment in my career."

Along with the label and legal drama, he and Foreign Legion recently parted ways. Just last week, Turner contemplated quitting music altogether and getting a straight job to pay his bills. Then he got a check from one of his Death, Taxes & Prozack distributors for a thousand bucks. And then he got an order from Japan for 400 CDs--an extra 3 grand. The record is also selling in Germany and Australia. This boost, plus working with San Jose production team the Buckle Brothers on new tracks, improved morale and given him incentive to make music." From the San Jose Metro.

Now that Dreamworks has been bought out by Universal, they want $450,000 plus $70,000 in uncleared sample fees before they'll let him release it officially. Just as well 'someone' has bootlegged it for him, aye? (Tip of the hat to Underground post)

If you haven't scored the new issue of Wax Poetics, the best music mag on the planet, then check this interview with DJ Premier over at Pound magazine (premier is in Wax Poetics too). Anyone know where I can get Pound magazine from? Anywhere in NZ? Or online?

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Bonzo goes to Simi Valley
"I was sitting in a bar in Chapel Hill last night and every time they said something about it (Reagan's death) on tv people cheered. Just like when Strom Thurman died." Tip of the hat to the underground post for that. Makes a change from all the overblown nonsense getting generated in the press around the globe. Here's some more critical comments from Iran, Russia and elsewhere, collated by the BBC. And here's Christopher Hitchens on The stupidity of Ronald Reagan (tip of the hat to Uroskin).

I watched one report on Reagan on DWTV (via Triangle), which mentioned the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. I tried to remember the last time Simi Valley made the news and then it came to me. It was when an all-white jury from this predominantly white community found the police officers accused of beatng Rodney King not guilty, even with that famous videotape. "Within hours of the jury's verdict, Los Angeles erupted in riots. When it was over, fifty-four people had lost their lives, over 7,000 people had been arrested, and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property had been destroyed."

UPDATE US musician Bob Mould lived thru the Reagan years, and has some good insights on his legacy here - scroll down. Mould also links to some strong reaction to Reagan's passing, and a backgrounder on Reagan's inaction over AIDS, which appeared in the US media in 1981 - Reagan didn't mention it in public til 1987...
On April 2, 1987, Reagan said: "How that information is used must be up to schools and parents, not government. But let's be honest with ourselves, AIDS information can not be what some call 'value neutral.' After all, when it comes to preventing AIDS, don't medicine and morality teach the same lessons."

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Check out my video!
Catch the brand new Dub Asylum video tonight (Wednesday) debuting on Soundlab on C4, at 10.30pm.
There’s an interview, some footage of Dan Tippett and DLT painting the EP covers, and the new video for Scratch N Sniff -Timmy Schumacher vs Substax remix. The video is directed by Timmy Schumacher, using film he shot on various overseas trips. Spread the word!
Back to basics
So I'm at home last night, playing some records, having fun on the decks, when I hear some shouting outside our apartment. Look out the windows, no, can't see anything going down. Ten minutes later, more shouting, but this time its rhythmic, with a beat behind it. Okay, that's some hiphop MC's on the microphone, but where? Is it kids busking? Grab the jacket and cap, head out onto the streets and follow the noise. Half a block up the road I'm standing outside a 4 storey building - the music and rapping is drifting down from the top floor. I ask a guy standing outside the building entrance what's going on up there. He tells me its some rappers, and its for a launch of a magazine, called Back 2 Basics. Then he says the magic words - "it's free". Right. I'm there. Jump in the lift, hit the top floor, run into my man Word Perfect, and there I am in the midst of a weeknight hiphop MC freestyle throwdown. Choice! Run into a few other cats I know (hello Renee, Phil, Marcia,)and score a copy of this fine magazine. Go home and curl up on the couch with my evening's reading.

Back 2 Basics started out a few years back as a small fanzine covering local hiphop, and in its new incarnation it has blossomed into an A4 perfect-bound magazine with high production values, great photography and a free cover cd that kicks (its in stores from Monday June 7). It's great to see local hiphop maturing to the point where it understands the importance of writing and documenting its own history - see the latest issue of graffiti mag Disrupt, or the new book just out by Gareth Shute, Hiphop Music in Aotearoa, thru Reeds. Beautifully designed by Steve Russell, who did my album cover.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Since we last spoke
I'd just like to say 'Exotic talk' off the new album from RJD2 is the coolest thing I've heard in freaking ages. That is all.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Aunty Helen points the finger
I went to the Qantas Media Awards (print) on friday night, at the flash new Sky City convention centre. You enter it thru Sky City, and walk across a glass walled walkway three stories over Federal St, which is pretty freaky. The main entry hall has a floor to ceiling mural of flowers painted like on a tapa, cept they're purple and beige, which is all wrong. The carpet is random wavy stripes, black and cream - someone commented the whole theme looked a bit Lion King.

Anyways, Helen Clarke bowled up and made the introductory speech, noting that in her role as Minister of Arts she was responsible for Creative NZ, who had sponsored the arts journalism section of the Qantas Awards for 8 years now. She was pleased to see that in those 8 years, arts journalism had grown to become strongly represented in the daily papers across the nation. After patting herself on the back (and deservedly so - remember suffering 9 years of National government with zero investment growth in the arts sector?), she went on to have a go at critics, suggesting that they needed to be more supportive, as a negative review could kill off some arts companies and take away from the value of their funding.

This is one hell of a slippery slope. Simon Prast tried this one on at the Auckland Theatre Company a few years ago, and it got him nowhere. It did stimulate discussion on the role of critics in the arts and also went some way to raising the standards of arts criticism locally, which were/are sketchy at times, but blaming bad art on the critics is short sighted. Yet there's aunty Helen trotting it out, but it's still well dodgy, even if it is coming from our nation's leader.

So, hats off to Matt Nippert of Fighting Talk for winning some awards for his work on Salient.

Walking in light
National Anthem - Great show, some good music, but Jackie freaking Clarke? No, wrong wrong wrong. She may have been in vogue with tv moguls sometime back in the early 90s when Wacky was popular for some godforsaken reason, but not now! She should never be allowed on television ever again. Lifetime ban. She introduced excellent Raglan outfit Cornerstone Roots, using the work 'skanking' in her intro, and made it sound like an insult from your drunk uncle. Fiona Rae in granny Herald said no more Red Bull for Jackie Clarke, but stopped short of slagging 4 Man Bob. They are a zany ska band of not so young rockers dressed in army camouflage pants and tshirts, who jumped around a lot to compensate for a general lack of originality. They also suffered under a bad sound mix. Still, they impressed Simon Barnett. Gee. Patrick Crewdson was there, read what he thought... "On stage, a roadie made us all uncomfortable by wearing a NZ Idol t-shirt. Looking at the size of the audience – which it would be a stretch to refer to as ‘the crowd’ – I wondered aloud if the event had been adequately publicised..."

UPDATE. I have just discovered via Mister Hugh Sundae, that Southland TV had a 12 hour telethon at the weekend to raise funds for an MRI scanner, and raised $675,000 - the organisers were hoping to raise $100,000. TV2's National Anthem, collected $147,626 for 24 hours effort. National Anthem also recieved $500,000 from NZ On Air.

Friday, May 28, 2004

The Joys of Wacky Press Releases
Ant Timpson is rejigging the Incredible Film Festival as part of the International Film Festival in July ...
Timpson exclaims “What can I say? They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and I do mean couldn’t (have you seen Bill angry!). Actually this pairing is the natural evolution of the Incredible Film Festival’s life cycle.... This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of Telecom New Zealand Intentional Film Festivals, a vital medium that continues to showcase the very best of International Cinema”.
Intentional Film Festival???

The Insiders Guide to Happiness is wonderfully obtuse, shot thru with dark humour, and its really top notch local drama -watch it! Thursday nights TV2 930pm. Great cast too. And just when you thought TVNZ had killed off local drama, canning Mercy Peak. Aint life grand?

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Thanks to everyone who came down to the Dub Asylum EP launch on Tuesday night (check the cool photos over here). It was a great night, sold lots of EPs.
Dub Asylum feature on National Radio this Saturday 6pm on the Music Mix, and on C4 next Wednesday night on Soundlab with Nick D. There's an interview and the new video, plus some footage of Dan and DLT painting the EP covers. Niceness.

Last weekend, Centro nightclub in Wyndham St was shut down by noise control officers at 3am - there is a new apartment block just opened in Wyndham St, and the poor residents have discovered that inner city life is a bit livelier than the dull old suburbs.
Centro had their turntables and mixers confiscated, but don't know who was complaining. Its pretty hard to address these problems when you can't even have some form of dialogue with the complainants. The Kings Arms had the same problems last year, until they built their huge wall outside their bar.
George FM want to do something about the noise control situation...

"Help George FM make a stand this Saturday - we want to change noise control regulations in our city to protect musicians, entertainers, music festivals, loud conversations and clubs.
Meet our crew outside Britomart from 11.15am this Saturday and walk up Queen Street with us - we want a massive show of support - so spread the word..."

Eminem wants the kids to get out and exercise their right to vote, cos he can't...
"On Saturday Eminem gave the keynote address at the Detroit Hip-Hop Summit, with hopes of encouraging young people of the hip-hop generation to register to vote. In doing so, Eminem told the media and audience of 4,000 that he'd had his right to vote taken away, presumably referencing a felony conviction in 2001 in which he was given two years' probation.

However, the star should be eligible and need only to register.

In several states, convicted felons are denied the right to vote. But according to the longstanding election laws of Michigan, the state in which Eminem resides, a convicted felon has only a temporary suspension of the privilege to vote while they are incarcerated. Those under probation do not lose the privilege, according to a spokesperson for Michigan's Bureau of Elections." Em's lawyers are looking into it, and say he will probably register. From MTV.com

Friday, May 21, 2004

A consumer writes... Part 2
A few weeks ago I wrote a whiny entry about feeling ripped off by Wrigleys with their new 'improved' Juicyfruit Gum. It used to be 17g in weight, now its 'longer lasting', but is smaller (14g), for the same price. I emailed Wrigleys.com (their nz branch doesn't have a website or contact details) and my email was forwarded from their Chicago head office to the NZ office, where the managing director took the time to reply, which I thought was pretty impressive. What he had to say was less impressive, however...

"Your question is about the "apparent unfairness" in charging the same price for the new, reformulated version released in New Zealand recently, despite the reduction in piece weight.

I should mention in passing that the Wrigley Company does not determine the retail price, as that is ultimately the perogative of the retailer. However, that is not the issue you raise, and you are correct in saying that we have not reduced the price at which we supply the new product.

The key factor is that the new versions of Juicy Fruit - in both the
original flavour and the new Strappleberry - embody significant new technology and performance improvement. Flavours and textures are
improved, and in particular the flavour duration is extended very

Consumer research and feedback consistently tells us that flavour duration is the most sought-after product improvement, and this we have achieved. However, I'm sure you will appreciate that improving an already-great product means higher ingredient costs, and this was the case here. We are glad to have been able to deliver this improvement without an absolute price increase, but we were not able to do it and reduce the price per piece as well."

Hang on, it's still 70c, but its smaller - you are paying the same as the price for the old size (17g) but getting less. Missing the point, me thinks.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

I had the pleasure of attending the Inaugural Flying Nun Pub Quiz last night at the Kings Arms, which was highly entertaining, and free. Found a good spot down the back, with Andrew Dubber (which is why I'm writing this as fast as I can, so I get to blog it before he does).
Two teams of highly skilled geeks fielded question from quizmaster Hat, and MC was Oliver Driver. The first team was the Oddities; Russell Brown (former music hack) Grant Fell (bass player Childrens Hour, Headless Chickens) and Alan Holt (ex FNun employee, did 9 years hard labour). The other team were The Sally Army - Chris Knox (living legend) Russell Baillie (Herald journo and ex keyboard player for JPSE) and Lesley Paris (ex Look Blue Go Purple, Olla).

Oliver introduced the teams, then noted that the evenings competition was being recorded for broadcast on National Radio (this Saturday May 22, at 1.06PM). Russell Brown chipped in, saying that Oliver might want to stop swearing, as he was making extra work for National Radio's Lissa Mcmillan, who would have to go thru and edit it all out. Oliver replied that he would f*cking stop swearing when National Radio started funding some more local drama. Nice.

One of the early questions was about the first album from the Gordons. Was it recorded in A 2 days, B 22 hours, C 20 hours, or D, 10 hours. One team said 20, no, wrong, the question goes to the other team, they said 20, no, wrong - it was done in 22 hours, of course. the question goes to the audience, I shout out the answer, and I win a prize - a copy of Very Short Films, the new FNun dvd. How choice! And I know that they recorded it at Harlequin studios. What a bastion of useless information.

Ran into lots of old school Nun types, including Rachael King. She was disappointed they hadn't used the question about her, so here it is to challenge your brain (no googling allowed) - Name three Flying Nun bands that Rachael has been in. Answers posted in comments later. (UPDATE: all the nights questions are over here at the FNun site - you can win a copy too!)

It was a very amusing night, with much laughter. I now know that the man in the Verlaines video for Death and a Maiden doing the 'expressive' dancing was a young Shayne Carter. Looks like rock n roll saved him from a lifetime of interpretive dance. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

While I've got your attention I'd like to invite you to come along to this....


EP release exhibition/party -Tuesday May 25th at Rakinos cafe, 1st floor, 35 High St, Auckland, from 6pm. Free!
Art by Daniel Tippett, DLT, with DJs Dub Asylum, Rob Warner, Timmy Schumacher, Big Matt (Bassteppa).

Dub Asylum (aka Peter McLennan) are pleased as punch to announce the release of their brand new 12" remix ep, featuring some of the hottest DJ's/producers from Aotearoa - Timmy Schumacher vs Substax, Rob Warner and Josh Webb, The Audioslut, and Matt Scott at Woodcut Productions.

The EP launch will be celebrated with a very special event: Peter has hooked up with leading NZ graffiti artists Daniel Tippett and DLT, and they will be getting a bunch of the record covers, laying them down in a grid pattern, then doing a big graffiti art mural over them (prior to the night), so each individual cover is a limited edition artwork. It's going to look choice!

There will be a one-night-only art exhibition at Rakinos on Tuesday May 25, displaying the finished covers (for sale on the night), after which they will be split up and sold. About 50-60 covers will be painted by Daniel and DLT, the rest will have an art stencil design on them, so every copy of the EP is an original work of art. There will also be DJs on the night, including Dub Asylum. See you there.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Headline writer cops a beauty...

Says it all, really.

Tribute to Coxsone Dodd is an excellent site, put together by Rob Chapman, author of several extensive Studio One discographies. Have a look here.